Why is starting an mini excavator difficult in the winter?

Why is starting an mini miniexcavator difficult in the winter?It is influenced not just by its own technical quality, but also by the outside temperature. Starting is more difficult during the winter because of the following factors:


(1)When the weather is cold and the ambient temperature is low, the viscosity of the engine oil increases, as does the friction resistance of each moving part, reducing starting speed and making it difficult to start.


(2)As the temperature drops, the battery capacity reduces, lowering the starting speed even further.


(3) As the starting speed decreases, compressed air leakage and heat dissipation of the cylinder wall increase, causing the temperature and pressure of the air to be greatly reduced at the end of compression, increasing the delay period of diesel ignition and, in severe cases, causing it to fail to burn.

(4) At low temperatures, the viscosity of diesel fuel increases, reducing the injection speed. Furthermore, the swirl speed, temperature, and pressure of the air at the end of compression are very low, making the atomization quality of the diesel fuel injected into the cylinder poor and difficult to form fast. The flammable gas will either ignite and burn in time, or it will fail to catch fire, making it difficult to start.

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