What sealing problems should be paid attention to for large breakers

Apr 07, 2020

Large crushing hammer is an important attachment of excavator, it can crush stone and rock more effectively in engineering construction, improve work efficiency. It is widely used in construction fields such as mines, metallurgy, transportation, railways and tunnels. Due to the bad working environment and improper use, the hammer often suffers from adverse symptoms such as a decrease in the frequency of strike and a decrease in strength. The reason is that the damage and failure of structural parts or improper assembly are the main causes of the above phenomenon. Therefore, we will analyze the impact of small parts on large crushing hammers with the problem of seals:

The seal is not abnormal:

1. Oil leakage at low pressure does not leak at high pressure, the cause is poor surface roughness of assembly, and the surface roughness is improved to 3.2 ~ 6.3umry with a lower hardness seal

2. The oil ring of the piston rod becomes larger, and a few drops of oil will drip during each stroke.

3. Oil leakage at low temperature No oil leakage at high temperature. There are two reasons for this. One is too eccentric. The other is that the material of the seal is not suitable. The problem can be solved by choosing a cold-resistant seal.

Abnormal seal:

1. The surface of the main oil seal is hardened and the sliding surface is cracked; the reason-abnormal high-speed working pressure is too high.

2. The surface of the main oil seal is hardened, and the oil seal of the entire seal ruptures; Cause-The abnormal temperature of the metamorphic oil of the hydraulic oil produces ozone, which damages the seal and causes oil leakage.

3. There are cracks and cracks in the lip of the main oil seal; cause-improper use of oil, high or low operating temperature, high back pressure, high speed, and excessive pulse pressure frequency.

4. The mirror surface of the main oil seal is unevenly worn. The seal has a phenomenon of swelling; the reason is that the side pressure is too large and the eccentricity is too large. Improper oil and cleaning fluid are used.

5. There is damage and wear marks on the sliding surface of the main oil seal; the reason-poor electroplating, rough rust spots, mating surface of the piston rod, inappropriate material selection, and impurities

In the process of using the large breaker, develop good use habits, diligent inspection and maintenance, so as to prevent accidents and avoid unnecessary losses.

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