What makes our hydraulic breaker different from others?

Hydraulic Breaker 

The most Reliable and Advanced  from China .


What makes our hydraulic breakers different from others for popular sale?

(1) .Function

The demolition hydraulic breaker is used for breaking or demolition.So the impacting power should be the first thing we should think about.

a. SWT hydraulic breaker is designed with pneumatic and hydraulic power driving together. The quick inflated power can enlarge the piston impacting power obviouslly.

b. The precision tolerance control between piston and cylinder can make sure minimum hydraulic power loss while the piston moving in the cylinder before impacting the tool head.

c. Choosing good material for piston, cylinder,seal kits is also making the minimum hydraulic power loss while piston moving.

d. Longer piston stroke design is also a feature whick makes bigger impact power than others.

e. Accumulator device can collect more power for next impacting meanwhile protecting the excavator hydraulic system

(2) .Reliability and humanized

Why some other lower quality hydraulic breaker always happen with kinds of “small problems” and with short working life?

a. SWT hydraulic breaker is designed with bigger bolts and nuts and they are using better material with loose proof function, comparing to other brand with same capacity breakers. It won’t lose in a short working period.

b. The housing bracket steel board and the supporting plate is thicker than other brand, making sure the breaker main body tight and steady, while the breaker impacting. The bottom of the bracket use extra thicker and reinforced steel for protecting and longer working life.

c.The wearing parts, bushes,pins and the tools are all made with quality steel material for longer working life. The tools could be 2-3 times longer, comparing to ther brand which is wearing very quickly caused un-reliable product quality in user mind.

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