What kind of tool is the straight type hammer

Apr 05, 2020

In many construction projects, the straight hammer has become an indispensable common facility. What kind of tool is the hammer? I believe everyone does not understand very well. Let me introduce you to this product.

The common application form of the straight-type breaker is to become an important attachment for hydraulic excavators. Some people also install the hydraulic breaker on an excavator loader (also known as two-end busy) or a wheel loader for crushing operations. Therefore, we call the breaker a hydraulic breaker or a hydraulic stone breaker.

According to the power type, the breaker can be divided into the following three types, namely: pure nitrogen type, pure hydraulic type and nitrogen hydraulic combined use type. Therefore, the owner will also purchase different types of large breakers according to his needs. The selection principle of the breaker is to select the suitable hydraulic breaker according to the type of excavator and the working environment. At the same time, different models and tonnages of the excavator need to choose different types of breakers to ensure that the working pressure and flow rate of the hydraulic pump of the excavator are within the parameters of the breaker.

In addition, if you need to crush thicker roads or harder materials, you can choose a hammer with a larger diameter and a higher strike frequency. The hammer will be more powerful, and then use special drill rods according to different working conditions.

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