What are the problems that the hammer crusher is easy to commit in summer

Apr 15, 2020

Breaking hammer crushing pliers will make a lot of problems in summer. Since it is summer, most of them are weather-related faults.

1. After the breaker has been working for a period of time, it suddenly stops, or after a period of time, the throttle can be hit for a period of time. More than 90% of this symptom is caused by the increased nitrogen pressure on the cylinder of the breaker. , Some customers will say that my nitrogen pressure is normal. It was just charged a few days ago or just measured. In fact, it is difficult to buy pure nitrogen on the market. There will be some non-inert gas in the nitrogen bottle. When the car is cool or the weather is cooler in the morning and evening, the nitrogen is normal. With the increase of the working hours, the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises, and with the increase of the weather temperature, the nitrogen will double in an instant. Because the nitrogen pressure in the upper cylinder increases, it is difficult for the piston to achieve upward movement, which can not produce impact, or the piston has insufficient ascending stroke, resulting in insufficient impact and weakness. One move, solve the problem immediately! Put the nitrogen in the upper cylinder of your hammer into the standard value minus 3-5 MPa. For example, the standard value is 16 MPa. When the fault occurs in summer, you only need to charge the nitrogen to 10 MPa. It will be said that the broken hammer is not able to handle it when it is cool, and it is recharged to 12 MPa when it is cool. Although the strength is slightly insufficient at the beginning of the work, the power lever will be guaranteed one hour later!

2. Is hydraulic oil leaking from the hammer of the breaker?

High temperature in summer, when the hammer is working for a long time, repeated impact of the piston head and the rear end of the drill rod is easy to produce high temperature phenomenon, which is more than double the temperature in winter. Normally, customers of lower cylinders often use butter for maintenance. It is normal for butter to flow down the drill rod due to high temperature! At this time, you first touch the liquid flowing out with your hand. Generally, the viscosity of butter is higher than that of hydraulic oil. If you feel sticky hands, it is butter, or you can distinguish it by smelling the liquid with your nose. There is really no way to judge, you should stop beating butter for a day, and wipe the liquid repeatedly with a cloth until the butter is confirmed, and then observe whether there is still liquid flowing out. If there is still liquid flowing, then you need to replace and maintain the hammer seal Too.

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