Underwater rock breaker supplier

Underwater Rock Breaker

Underwater rock breaker is used for underwater rock breaking projects near river bank,seaside, seafront,sea coast bund. The whole system often has following devices.

  • Hydraulic breaker with underwater kits
  • Air compressor system for air blowing
  • Autogrease system
  • Operation system

What is a underwater hydraulic rock breaker?

Underwater rock breaker is often used for river bund,seaside underwater rock breaking jobs. It is different from regular rock breaker. The underwater rock breaker system should combine with air compressor, underwater autogrease system.

Underwater operation of the breaker is possible to pour air into the striking area between the piston and

the rod, avoiding to absorp water into the cylinder, cause of the hydraulic breaker mainbody damage.

Underwater Rock Breaker

Why choose an underwater hydraulic breaker system from us?

SWT is a top brand for excavator attachments from China. With long years exprience, we had offer hundred of underwater hydraulic breaker system of our users succesfully. So so SWT attachments is the first brand choice when it comes to underwarter rock breaking jobs.

a. Professional and exprienced team is very reliable and responsible.

b. Customized installation parts frames for every excavator model.

c. Branded air compressor for reliable quality .

d. Reliable hydraulic breaker with longer working life.

e. Autogease system make the job more efficient.

underwater rock breaker system

Installation of the underwarter hydraulic hammer air compressor supply kit

1) Clean the air check valve hole on the left-side of the cylinder.

2) Remove the air check valve with the standard tool.

3) Apply the O-ring to the cylinder’s air check valve hole and install it.

4) Connect the hose to the air check valve hole and install it.

5) Before underwater operation, the breaker get into water pouring air into air check valve.

Since it’s a multipurpose excavator attachment, its scope of the application allows you to save money on buying another attachment when you’re working on different underwater projects. If you’re looking to purchase one sometime soon but unsure about the best brand on the market, you can visit us. Not only do you get a durable and efficient underwater rock breaker for your excavators, but you also get quality after-sale services to ensure your machine is in top condition for more value.

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