Troubles And Solutions Of Hydraulic Breaker

Apr 19, 2020

Large crushing hammer is an important attachment of excavator, it can crush stone and rock more effectively in engineering construction, improve work efficiency. It is widely used in construction fields such as mines, metallurgy, transportation, railways and tunnels. Due to the bad working environment and improper use, the hammer often suffers from adverse symptoms such as a decrease in the frequency of strike and a decrease in strength. Below we will take a look at the common failures and solutions of hydraulic breakers.

1. Frequency drop

The main reasons for the decrease in the frequency of breakers are the insufficient pressure or flow rate of the hydraulic system, the loosening of the drill rod, the wear of the hydraulic seals, the contamination of the hydraulic grease, and the failure of the safety valve.

Solution: Check the oil pump of the hydraulic breaker, adjust the oil pressure and flow rate that are too high or too low, in order to achieve the control of the hammer head; check the oil circuit of the hydraulic breaker to avoid the blockage of the pipeline and affect the hydraulic breaker Impact frequency; replace worn parts. Tighten the drill rod and fix the drill rod.

2. Decrease in strength

The reason for the decrease in strength is the leakage of the oil circuit, insufficient stroke of the control bolt of the hydraulic breaker, clogging of the hydraulic circuit of the hydraulic breaker, and excessive oil temperature of the hydraulic breaker. The overall work performance is reduced.

Solution: Check and adjust the pressure of the hydraulic system and nitrogen. If the parts are not properly sealed, the components can be ground or replaced to clean the hydraulic lines.

3. Inconsistent movements

There are three main situations where the continuity of action is poor. First, the oil line is blocked, resulting in unsmooth oil supply and the piston cannot obtain stable power. Problems such as insufficient pressure in the hydraulic system, wrong direction of the directional valve, stuck piston, and failure of the stop valve have caused problems such as stagnation of impact. Another is that the drill rod is stuck, and the continuity and periodicity of the hydraulic breaker are affected.

Solution: Check the hydraulic oil circuit and clean or replace the clogged parts in time; focus on the inspection of the tubing interface, direction of the directional valve, globe valve, and piston; check and adjust the status of the drill rod, and use the grinding wheel for the drill rod that has problems Or grind the oil stone, add lubricating oil in time.

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