The reason why excavator breaker chisels cannot be compensated

Improper use: It is usually impossible to file a claim if the excavator breaker chisel is not used appropriately according to the operating instructions, or if it is utilized beyond the limit of use for which it was designed, and causes damage. To ensure the tool’s regular operation, users should follow the operating instructions and perform proper maintenance.

Excavator breaker chisels often have a limited warranty, and if they fail or break beyond the guarantee term, there is typically no claim. As a result, recognizing and adhering to the warranty period is critical for claims.


Natural wear: Natural wear on excavator breaker chisels is unavoidable during use. If the damage is due to regular wear and tear, no claims can usually be made. However, some manufacturers may provide a guarantee to cover damage caused by natural wear and tear.

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Accidental damage: If the excavator breaker chisel is damaged due to an accident, such as overuse, an accidental impact, or other unforeseeable conditions, there is typically no claim. In such circumstances, the user is usually held accountable.


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