The performance of wrong operation of straight line breaker

Apr 17, 2020

The high-performance of the breaker can not fully escort the construction application. High-quality mechanical operators with certain operating skills can only obtain higher utilization rates and reduce straight-through breakers under the premise of following the manufacturer’s construction construction recommendations. The frequency of failures extends the service life.

1. Add excessive amount of lubricating oil. Appropriate addition of lubricating oil is a guarantee that the breaker accessories can complete flexible relative movement, but it should be noted that too much butter injection should not be too much, too much will stick to the piston, and will enter the hydraulic system with mechanical swing during operation in.

2. Arbitrarily assemble straight-line breaker and excavator. There are different types of high-frequency breakers and excavators. Straight-line breaker manufacturers have restrictions on the hydraulic flow of hydraulic hammers. It is recommended that users selectively assemble according to the parameters given by the manufacturer. If the flow and working pressure of the carrier are greater than the requirements of the hydraulic hammer, the relief valve needs to undertake the heavy shunting and unloading work. When the breaker is working under high pressure, it will cause the pipeline to burst and the hydraulic oil to overheat locally, and will cause serious wear of the directional valve and seriously affect the service life of the hydraulic components.

3. Indiscriminate operation and construction. Straight line hammers can play a great role in breaking large objects, but they are not indestructible. Do not use the hammer to move / pry the stones. This will easily cause the steel hammer of the hammer to break and damage the bracket. During the crushing operation, the crushing hammer should be kept perpendicular to the material, and the drill rod should be pressed tightly against the crushed object. If the hammering direction is tilted, the steel braze easily slips off during the hammering operation, which may cause the steel braze and the piston to break or jam.

As a crushing machine that is indispensable for modern construction, the crusher is only as good as the crusher and the excavator to achieve a high degree of matching in order to play the greatest effect of the crusher. The effect of crushing construction may also cause damage to related accessories. Therefore, the model of the breaker should be carefully selected before construction.

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