The Hydraulic Rock Breaker Boom System

The hydraulic rock breaker boom system is mainly used in mines, quarries, sand and gravel aggregate production lines or metallurgical foundries to crush large-sized rock blocks.


The boom system has superior productivity, durability and safety, and energy saving and environmental protection!


1:Solve the problem of large rock clogging of primary crushers in mining and rock processing, while improving work safety and crushing line productivity, also used for primary crushing on grate systems.


2:High degree of operator safety simple controls and maintenance high reliability highly durable


3:Broad range of long and deep reach optionsfor all types of crushing lines


4:It can be operated remotely to avoid misoperation caused by the operator due to geographical conditions, dusty and other harsh working conditions


5:Adaptable to hydraulic hammers from any brand


6:Broad range of accessories, able to find matching accessories in a short time, without delaying working time


The hydraulic rock breaker boom system include: 1) Base. 2) Control the main valve. 3) Rotary mechanism. 4) Lift cylinder. 5) Tilt cylinder. 6) Broken drill rod. 7) Hydraulic breaker. 8) Two arms. 9) Lift cylinder. 10) Two arms. 11) Hydraulic power pump station.

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