The Hammer Head Of The Hydraulic Unpacking Sand Making Machine Has Little Wear On The Whole Equipment

Apr 02, 2020

The hydraulic unpacking sand making machine adopts the method of fixing the plate hammer on the rotor with a wedge. Under the action of centrifugal force during work, this fixing method can ensure that the faster the rotor speed, the stronger the plate hammer is fixed, and the work is reliable. More convenient. This is a better way to fix the hammer currently, and all countries are using this kind of fixing method. The wedge is made of cast steel, which has certain toughness and plasticity, high strength and hardness, and good machinability. From the name alone, we can see that the key part of the hydraulic unpacking sand making machine is the plate hammer.

Therefore, in the daily operation process, we must strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the hammer head, when the hammer head problems, it should be resolved as soon as possible. Be aware that no matter how wear-resistant and pressure-resistant materials are, there is a life cycle. We must determine whether the service life of the hammerhead has reached the limit according to the different situations that occur in daily operations, and determine when the hammerhead must be stopped. Henan Guangke technical staff told customers:

The hammer of the hydraulic unpacking sand machine did not wear on the surface and the corner position when it was just put into production. The hammer head mainly bears the impact force, and the material hits the hammer head surface with a positive force, so that the hammer head deforms and bumps If after the hammer head wears out, due to the decomposition of the force-bearing surface on the surface, the reverse force on the hammer face will exert an impact force on the hammer head, and the tangential force will exert a cutting force on the hammer head.

The impact force of the hammerhead rotor when crushing

materials is directly reduced, which reduces the production efficiency and increases the crushing time. Therefore, when the force of the hammer head of the machine shifts, and the wear of the hammer head changes, it indicates that the life of the hammer head is about to end and it will fail. If you find this kind of situation at work, you should solve it as soon as possible, and try to avoid this situation in your work.

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