The broken hammer has n’t been broken in three years

Apr 01, 2020

Good maintenance can increase the life of the excavator. When the excavator is equipped with a breaker, no matter whether it is the breaker itself or the excavator, more attention should be paid to maintenance. The following aspects are more important.

1. Maintenance

During use, regular and correct amount of butter should be regularly beaten to prevent excessive wear of wearing parts and prolong their life.

The correct posture for filling butter: the drill rod is inserted vertically on the ground and pressed to the end, otherwise the butter enters the striking chamber and is brought into the cylinder by the piston and mixed with hydraulic oil, which will cause “black oil”. Fill the guide bush and the inner bush with butter, try not to stick the butter to the piston.

It should be prevented from hitting when working, which will cause the body, shell, and arms to collide and cause its failure; also prevent diagonal hitting, which should be perpendicular to the object being hit. The piston and cylinder may be scratched.

2. Maintenance of hydraulic system of excavator

Replace hydraulic oil in 2000 hours and replace hydraulic oil return filter in 500 hours. (If the working environment is bad and the dust is large, the replacement time needs to be advanced.)

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