Taboos When Working With Large Breakers

Apr 11, 2020

Large crushing hammers are one of the commonly used attachments of excavators, and crushing operations are often required in demolition, mining, and urban construction. If the usage method of the breaker is not correct, it will not only delay the construction period, but also easily break the breaker. So, how should a large breaker be used? Then let’s summarize it for everyone.

1. Vertical hit

Before the breaker works, place the steel braze vertically on the crushed object, and confirm that the steel braze is stable before turning on the breaker. In the crushing operation, it is necessary to ensure that the steel brazing is perpendicular to the hit object at any time; if it is inclined to the impact surface, the steel brazing may slip, which will damage the steel brazing and piston of the crushing hammer.

2. Air strike is strictly prohibited

When the large breaker is working, the steel brazing should always be close to the object being hit. If the hit object has been broken, please stop the hit immediately. Air strike will cause serious damage to the steel braze, flat pin, steel braze seat, front cylinder block, bolt rod.

3. Do not crush in water

The breaker is not a closed structure. It cannot be immersed in water at ordinary times, it is easy to damage the piston cylinder and pollute the hydraulic oil circuit of the excavator. So try not to work in rainy weather or water; under special circumstances, other than steel brazing, other parts should not be immersed in water.

Large-scale breakers deliver huge energy to the rock when they are working. If the rock breaks in time, the energy is released. If the hardness of the rock is high, and it is still not broken after multiple strikes, it will be converted into huge thermal energy, so that the temperature of the tip of the drill rod can reach more than 400 degrees Celsius, which causes the decarburization and softening of the drill rod, so that the surface of the cutter blade or even block , So if the large hammer does not break for a long time, try to find another way to break it.

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