When employed as an excavator attachment, a hydraulic breaker is a powerful weapon for demolishing concrete structures or rocks. To execute its function, this equipment turns the excavator’s hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Here are the hydraulic breaker parts as below:

The Front head, the cylinder and the Back-Head of the main body are tightly fixed with four throug h bolts.

The Gas charging valve is built in and the inside is charged with N2-gas.

The Cylindrical control valve is built in the valve housing and controls piston reciprocation.

Kinetic energy of the piston is converted into hammering energy after hitting the Tool The hammering energy transmitted to the Tool breaks rocks.

The front head supports the whole breaker.The Thrust ring and the thrust bushing prevents shock from the Tool.

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The specially heat-treated Tool is directly applied to break rocks. It is used as moil point, wedge point and flat Tod according to the applicati on(optional ).

The accumulator compensates for pressure in the hydraulic circuit and prevents pulsation. It is not usually necess ary to refill. Use N2-gas only.

Regular maintenance of these components is required to keep the hydraulic breaker operating properly. Wear and tear are common, especially on the chisel and seals, and these parts must be inspected and replaced as needed.


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