Small Model Side Type Hydraulic Rock Breaker with 60mm Chisel (LHB350)

1.Side type and open bracket design, easy for maintenance
2.Simple body structure design,the parts can exchange quickly, lower cost
3.Flexible operation like a ripper with wide vision
4.The most higher effiency design but lowest cost

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What is hydraulic rock breaker.

Rock breaker is a one type of excavator attachments which is fitted on excavators replacing the buckets. It is used for rock breaking in quarry , or concrete breaking in building, bridge , road or other infrastructure construction. Some special functional hydraulic rock breakers are also used underwater with underwater protecting and air compressor system. And some others can be used in  stell mills to breaking the steel slags in the stoves.

The best hydraulic rock breaker brand in China:

There are too many rock breaker brands all overy the world like Atlas, Rammer,Indeco,Soosan, Furukawa, NPK in different countries from China ,Europe,USA, JAPAN,Korea and Turkey. If you are thinking to choose a competitive brand rock breaker for your excavators,SWT brand is your first choice from China which has the best user reviews and reputation amont their dealers and users, which is also a main OEM manufacturer for many big brand excavators.

Check SWT brand side type rock breaker working videos on Youtube:

rock breaker

SWT brand hydraulic rock breaker features.

(1). It has a wide coverage on different capacity excavators from 0.5ton-100 ton.

(2).  SWT rock breakers are strict made from good quality raw materials to make sure reliable quality and long working life.

(3). It is made by high precision CNC for precise parts, such as piston, cylinder and valves.

(4). Precise parts and precision tolerance make the breakers more powerful and lower failure rage, as well as longer working life.

(5).  Every of swt excavator breaker is with indentify code for tracking for service.

What parts are packed together with the rock breaker for SWT brand.

As a standard package, it includes :

a. 2 pcs hydraulic rock breaker moil tools. The moil tools could be choosed for wedge or blunt tools.

b. 1 set of tool box incluing the maintenance tools for the excavator rock breakers.

c. 2 pcs in/out hoses, the hoses are good quality and the length could be customized accordingly.

d. 1 set of nitrogen gas bottle and gas charge kits, as well as the guage.

e. 1 set seal kits for maintenace in 3 months or 500 hrs working.

f. 1 set of manual book , parts book ,product brochure and operation instruction stickers.

How does excavator mounted hydraulic rock breaker work?

Rock breaker is driven by hydraulic oil pressure. The working princple is changing the hydraulic pressure energy to mechanical energy. All the hydraulic rock breakers have in/out hose port which is connect to excavator main valve block by hydraulic hoses. While it working , the hydraulic oil go through the breaker cylinder, then the hydraulic oil pressure push the piston move up and down , the piston move direction is controlled through the valve. Every movement down, the piston will impact the rock breaker tools, then the tools will breaking the objects.  it is like a human is breaking a rock with a hammer hiting the chisel tool.

Hydraulic Rock Breaker Types:

In different countries, It has different user habits to choose different type excavator rock breakers. Generally, we have three types rock breakers which can cover most of users request. According to the installation way on excavators. They are side type installation rock breakers, top type installation hydraulic rock breaker and silent type rock breaker hammer.

sidetype rock breakerBox Type Rock BreakerTop Type Rock breaker

What is the difference among side type , box type and top type rock breakers?

For Side type, the installation pins are on the side of the breaker.

For Top type , the installation pins are on the top of the rock breaker.

And for box type, the rock breaker bracket is full sealed like a box. And it equiped with rubber cushion inside of the bracket to keep lower noise.So it is also called silent type rock breaker. The installation pins are also on the top for silent type rock breaker, same as top type installation way on the excavtors.

Both side type and top type breakers are with opening bracket, which is easy for maintenace and parts exchanging. But for box type rock breaker, it has to open the box and move out the main body to do maintenance job.


Side type rock breaker features:

1.Side type and opening bracket design, easy for maintenance

2.Simple body structure design,the parts can exchange quickly, lower cost

3.Flexible operation like a ripper with wide vision

4.The most higher effiency design but lowest cost

After reading above different type excavator breakers features, now you can know how to choose the right type rock breaker for you excavators.

What is the price of rock breakers for sale.

If you are thinking to choose a rock breaker for your excavators or diggers, the first you should considerate is the quality. Good quality rock breaker is always manufactured by good quality material, meanwhile the price is also higher than lower quality hydraulic rock breakers.

If you have budget for your procurement, that will be easy to choose the rock breaker brand. We don’t recommend the most cheaper brand hydraulic rock breaker. It will cause varies problem while you use it which may cause some delay on your project with headache. SWT brand hydraulic rock breaker is a competitve brand both on price and quality. It is not the cheapest brand , but it should be the best quality choice hydraulic breaker from China.

What brand excavtors SWT rock breaker can suit to.

SWT hydraulic breaker hammer can suit to any brands of excavators if they have the right connection pins and installation width. SWT is also an OEM for some big brand hydraulic breakers or excavators.

The suitable excavator brands : CAT, Komatsu, Hitachi,JohnDear,Case,Kobelco,IHI,KATO,SANY,Doosan,


cat rock breaker

Excavator Rock breaker Piping Kits

If you add a hydraulic breaker or any other extra attachments driven by hydraulic oil pressure onto your excavators, you should check if your excavator has equiped with the hydraulic piping kits for get oil input port to the added attachments.


1.Can you offer excavator attachments for free demo in our area?

Yes, we can offer some free demo attacments for marketing and customer testing to authroized distributors

2.If we can be your distribtutor any other support policy we can get?

Yes, except the free demo machine, we also offer financial, sales and serivce training support to our global distirbutors.

3.How is your attachment quality?

Our excavator buckets or attachments are very reliable qulity.It has been sold to more than 50 countries with good reputation.

4.How long it can work for its whole life?

It depends on the objects material and the frequency it was used. Genrally speaking it won’t have problem within 5 years except the wearing parts changing.

5.What is your quality term?

We offer 12 months quality warranty covering all of our buckets and attachments.

6.How we can start to buy?

It is easy, you can contact our online servicer or email to us , then our sales manager will contact you for details.



The right rock breaker can add efficiency and productivity to your projects significantly. A rock breaker is an important tool for many rock excavation contracting, mining, landscaping & concrete demolition companies. Rock breakers are preferred for jobs that consist of the process too large for jackhammering or areas where blasting is not possible due to environmental & safety purposes.

SWT brand rock breaker is a powerful percussion hammer, supported by an auxiliary hydraulic system from the excavator/ backhoe for demolishing concrete structures or rocks. With simple but efficient working principles, SWT rock breakers are the world-class preferred choice by demolishing crew to handle the task that includes rock mining without a blast.

At SWT, we provide the best range of rock breakers to meet the requirements of our clients, and that too in an affordable manner.


Generally, rock breaker is used to perform numerous tasks, which include:

With an etch head, rock breakers are additionally appropriate for clearing trash or brushing applications. Rock breakers are usually used by geologists to clear residue from fossils and rocks without much effort. The main role of rock breakers is that they come into function when there is a need for the topographical investigation.

Nowadays, water-powered breakers are been used more than the old and traditional rock breakers. When we look into the advantages offered by water powered rock breakers they are used for big projects because they are more powerful and effective they are used in the place o the crusher as they can break large pieces of rocks more conveniently without much utilization of resources as they are made to do so.

Water-powered rock breakers are made in a way that they can do heavy mining work. They are best for destruction activities, manufacturing of metal and quarry related activities. Water-powered rock breakers move in reverse and forward motion, and once the activity is done the equipment is lifted. When compared with standard stone breakers, water-powered stone breakers have a more natural agreeable effect and create less commotion.


It is fueled by an assistant water-powered framework from the earthmover, which also uses a foot-worked valve with it. Demolishing companies utilize the stone breaker for occupations excessively enormous for drilling or zones where the impact is unimaginable, and for the safety of the environment.

Rock breakers are broadly utilized in mining and finishing applications. The rock breaker has two main parts one is the hammer and the other is the arm. The type of work for which you choose the rock breaker depends on the type of rock breaker, you choose. The two types are stationary and mobile.

If we want that the rock breakers should move in the direction in which we want them to move then the power has to be applied to the cylinder which eventually will generate a high amount of power. These days many types of rock breakers are available in the market. You need to choose the one which you find suitable for your work. Each rock breaker is used for a particular purpose. The most interesting part is that the head will decide how impactful the rock breaker will is noticed that the heavier the head is the more productivity it will show. On the other hand, if you choose a lighter alternative then it will work only for the lighter rocks.


It is important to look at a water-powered sled for mileage outwardly. Before utilizing the check, the earthmover water-driven mallet to find any sudden harm.

Pick the right apparatus as indicated by your work. You can’t utilize any instrument for breaking the vanquished structure.

The pressure-driven mallet ought to have the right length and should be directed exactly to help decline expected vacation.

Meeting the device’s highlight its specific application can essentially expand Jobsite creation and improve the life of a breaker.


Picking quality material from the best steel manufacturing plant, and the material is track-capable. Great quality material doesn’t have a deadly danger on the collection of water-powered mallets and builds the working life.

Here is a gathered rundown of few hints for support of water-driven breaker:

• Apply oil on the apparatus chomped before embeddings hammer.

• To forestall breakage limit the second between apparatus spot and throw bushing.

• Apply hammer oil in any event 4 times each day.

• Keep the striking position 90 degrees to the surface.

• Limit the strike to 20 seconds.



Sanha Machinery Tech gives proficient online deals demand administration to clients before you submit the request to us. It contains specifying the item, backhoe funneling packs establishment, operator preparing, operation issue, arrangements, and wholesaler enlistment.

The water-driven sled establishment report should be sent back as the guarantee beginning archives.

For some establishments, the client can send the connections working video to our specialists. Our expert group of specialists will check if the breaker is normally working.

We are happy to give deals and administration instructional courses abroad on the worksite, and dire architect administrations.

For the comfort of our purchasers, we try to give portions of a thing rapidly, which is fundamental for the mainstream brand’s creative mind. So, you can get a pressure-driven breaker to save parts rapidly on any piece of the globe.



• All the pieces of the earthmover water-powered sled we delivered are fixed with standard drawing, denying easygoing creating and maintaining a strategic distance from botches on the part.

• The principal collections of the water-powered sled should affect tried before conveyance to ensure the conveyed item functions admirably and simple to introduce.

• To improve our administration we need to build up some new in addition to models box-type water-powered sleds. They are truly adaptable and have large force activity for clients.

• To make a request and conveyance simple our abroad assistance and parts focus are settled as of now.

• With numerous long periods of deals and administration experience, our organization realizes how to offer 100% customer fulfillment and make seller achievement, by supporting deals, monetary, and preparing administration.

We are mainly working on excavator attachments with the SWT brand. It includes rock breakers, hydraulic rock breaker, concrete rock breaker, hydraulic hammer, excavator mounted hydraulic breaker, hydraulic grapple, etc.

Place the order for the rock breaker that you want and get it right at your doorstep. For more queries contact us.

Together with the ‘Client-Oriented’ enterprise philosophy, a arduous good quality control technique, sophisticated producing equipment and a sturdy R&D staff, we generally offer superior quality merchandise, superb solutions and aggressive rates for Small Model Side Type Hydraulic Rock Breaker with 60mm Chisel (LHB350). We have established many years of cooperative relations with many companies at home and have close and friendly business contacts with companies abroad. We promise to serve every customer with good quality, enthusiastic attitude, excellent team spirit, and professional management level.

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