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Excavator selector grab can work as a bucket, but it can also carry out demolition and grabbing for some special request projects like recycling/civil demolition applications.


SWT selector grab fitted on the excavator is driven by two hydraulic cylinders with big power while grabbing materials like stone and wood.It was designed for grabbing , trimming and digging for different projects using.We have develpoed different capacity excavator selector grabs for customer choose from 5 ton to 30 ton excavators. We also accept customized installation dimensions according to customer’s project request.

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The performance of each and every machine can be enhanced by equipping it with some sort of attachment. One such attachment that can also work as a bucket are selector grabs. These selector grabs are not only heavy-duty but are also flexible enough to do many types of tasks, and also increase productivity levels. Selector grabs are used by many types of industries such as the demolition industry and recycling industry. They are also used to separate different types of wastes and transfer them into different sorting yards according to their role. In the demolition industry, they do the work of picking up stuff for the purpose of removing it or breaking it.

They are the best tool to sort all kinds of building materials for different purposes. They work well when there is work for loading and unloading as they offer to pick and drop the stuff faster than any other bucket attachment will do. SWT, a prominent supplier and manufacturer of selector grabs for excavators in China specializes in making a customized type of selector grabs as per the client requirement. The material used is of superb quality and protects extra durability and strength to the equipment. Therefore, extending its shelf life. Even if the lubrication is poor, and durable material is used then the selector grabs won’t get spoiled.

Features Of Selector Grabs-

· The ratio of strength to weight is elevated.

· There will be a low noise operation.

· To protect the equipment against overcharge there is a relief valve.

· It holds a 360-degree rotation power.

· Standard and reversible blades.

· The opening should be large for more capacity.

· The hydraulic control is user-friendly.

· Sometimes it has twin motors for increased productivity.

· The cutting edges are reversible.

· A huge amount of power is required to close the arms of the selector grab.

· The cylinders are put such that there is no contact with the frame.

SWT has made a reputation in the international market and is always in the wake of manufacturing high-quality selector grabs. Their selector grabs are made such that they work in the toughest conditions also and give us the desired outputs. We aim at making long-term relations with our clients, and we always try to bring the latest technology in our products through each and every means. The best selector grabs are made when welding, testing, building, cutting, and more are done from a single place that has all the requirements and comes out as a single product.

What Are The Parts Of Selector Grabs?

The selector grabs should be such that offer such maximum longevity. They should be strong to work well in many conditions and offer a good level of productivity. The grabs should be such that they have perforated jaws. Though it should be kept in mind that jaws could be light in weight but made with high-quality material. This is the ultimate grabbing equipment that can be used for a multitude of tasks.

· On both sides, open and closed mechanical stops are there on the body and the jaws.

· The point of the grab should be such that it offers full strength for the material to grab.

· As the ends are curved it becomes easy to lift material.

· All bolts are protected against damage.

· The mainframe is heavy-duty, so to give strength.

· The blades are replaceable.

Applications Of Selector Grabs

· Sorting of metals.

· Separation of domestic waste i.e waste processing

· Recycling

· Sorting of different types of construction material

· Loading of commercial vehicles.

· Used for demolition applications.

· Dismantling of scrap

· Clear out trees from the ground.

· Compression of wood parts.

SWT Selector Grabs

Selector grabs are made to work in many types of conditions and according to the work profile. They are made with a solid frame with every part in such a manner that the work level increases.

Cylinders Are In A Stationary Position

As the cylinders are put in a stationary position there is minimal wear and tear so there is no problem in the internal parts of the selector grabs. The internal parts as well as the external parts are important.

Two Cylinders

As there are two cylinders then the work will be done at a faster rate. When two cylinders are there then the efficiency of the excavator will surely increase. Selector grabs for excavators work well with two cylinders.

Dual Rotation Motors

As there are dual rotation motors it makes the excavators work in such a way that the power distribution is amazing. The productivity of the work will increase. This makes the equipment fit for heavy tasks.

Maintenance Of Selector Grabs

You should make it a point that your machine never gets damaged by operation, repair, and lubrication at any cost. During the maintenance procedure, the hydraulic parts should be disconnected and switched off so that there is no damage caused to your machine during the maintenance work. Selector grabs for excavators must have a specific lubricant, and it should be used every 8 hours, so that, there is no negative impact on the performance. The selector grab must be kept in an open position on the ground for repairing and maintenance work. You should also ensure that all the blades should be fastened well so that work takes place. The selector grab for the excavator should be of the correct weight and height as that of the excavator so that there is no extra weight on the excavator or at the selector grabs. No matter how hard you try you can’t predict any mishappenings. For this purpose, you must use the selector grab with utmost safety. You should not lift the material no matter what and then rotate the machine over people or vehicles. For any type of maintenance work always keep the engine off.

When you buy selector grabs from SWT, you won’t have to worry about the quality and strength of the material used. We design each and every product with precision to get guaranteed productivity and assured results.

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Excavator Selector Grab

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