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Scrap Metal Shear

Scrap Metal Shear is mounted on an excavator to cut the scrap metals. It is often used in scrap or construction recycling projects.

  • old steel structure facilities dismantling
  • scrap vehicle dismantling
  • scrap ship iron dismantling
  • old building bridge demolition

Hydraulic scrap metal shear for excavator is to cut the scrap metals. It is often used in scrap or construction recycling prjects.

SWT Hydraulic scrap metal shear features:

  • It adopts HARDOX 400 sheet material,with high strength,light dead weight and large shear force.
  • The included angle design can hook the scrap iron material easily. The shard knief straightly cuts off the structural steel.


An impressive amount of innovations and investments are done in the equipment used in the construction and recycling industry. This is done to make the work easier for humans so that they can focus on the core tasks related to a particular project. They are used mostly by metal recycling companies, smelting enterprises, and steel mills. SWT is one of the leading manufacturers from China that deals in the top quality of scrap metal shear that boosts the productivity of your business. using the right scrap metal shear can make all the scrapping and construction operations a lot faster than before.

Features Of Scrap Metal Shear

The basic components of all the excavator scrap metal shears are the same. When scrap metal shears came into existence, there were a few manufacturers of them. Earlier there was a much less variety of scrap metal shears available in the market as compared with today. Now numerous companies all over the globe are manufacturing excavator scrap metal shear and one of them is SWT, which is a prominent supplier of excavator scrap metal shear in China. Now the scrap metal shears can be made according to specific client requirements and their use in the construction industry.

Each Scrap Metal Shear Has Three Main Components-

Shear Frame

It is believed that fewer cylinders are a good choice for your scrap metal shear to reduce the maintenance cost in the long run. Earlier the bolts were attached to the cylinders to the scrap metal shear but that eventually reduced the life of the excavator scrap metal shear. Now, cylinders have a fixed place inside the machine where they are inserted to increase the life of the scrap metal shear. The placement of the blades in the blade holder and its working is very critical for your scrap metal shear to function properly with due course of time.

Feed Box

There are two types of boxes that are available in the market and have given us guaranteed results. One of them is a baler shear compression box and the other is called a three-dimensional side compression box. The baler shear compression box has a wide opening and helps in keeping all the material safe inside the box. On the other side, the three-dimensional side compression box has a narrow width. The shape and height of such a type of box in scrap metal shear are effective as it makes the loading action much easier. The top blade and the bottom blade should work in a way that they don’t cause damage to the machine.

Power Pack

The power pack is one of the most important components of scrap metal shear. If an excavator scrap metal shear consumes power efficiently. Some of the excavator scrap metal shears use high-pressure pumps and some of them use low-pressure pumps according to the requirement of the equipment and the work that it will do. Low-pressure pumps need more maintenance though it is affordable for the manufacturer.  On the other hand, expensive pumps are usually maintenance free. The power pack usually tells us the work the machine has done or we can say the output that it has delivered. It gives results in tons per hour of output.

Uses Of Excavator Scrap Metal Shear

You must see an excavator scrap metal shear as an asset to your recycling or construction business as it holds many benefits. As we all know that the right equipment can increase the productivity of our business and help us to get the desired results.

· They are used in every type of industrial demolition job.

· They are used to cut and dig ferrous materials, tanks, railway carriages, and more.

· It is mainly used to process iron.

· It is very much helpful in recycling work.

· It is the best machinery to compact ferrous and non-ferrous equipment.

· It is used to grab metals.

· It is also used to scrap the dismantled parts of automobiles.

Hydraulic Scrap Metal Shear

Not all types of scrap metal shear are the same. Hydraulic scrap metal shears do the work more accurately and more quickly as compared to the others. They work well in factories and industries that are related to metalwork. if intense pressure is applied to them they work well and give a high-grade performance. There are a variety of hydraulic scrap metal shears available in the market. The blades attached to each and every machine is different in design, shape, and size according to the quality of work that it has to go through.

Maintenance Of Excavator Scrap Metal Shear

It is very important to understand the type of machine you have. You should know all its operations and should be well aware of its design. The main reason that scrap metal shear gets damaged is that the machine goes through a high level of load, which is much more than its prescribed strength. Through regular maintenance check ups should be done so that if there are any faults in your machine you can easily fix them up before it leads to more damage. All bearings should be checked so that they are fixed in their place.

All the emergency and safety buttons should work properly to avoid any mishappening on the work front. It is very important that after you purchased an excavator scrap metal shear with you, you should always make a maintenance plan beforehand to cut down any costs that occur at the last moment. It is also important that you set the blades very nicely to avoid any damage to them at any cost. The place where you have to keep the scrap metal shear should be such that it can handle all the vibrations and do not cause any damage to the property and life around it. Moreover, the lubrication system must be filtered and cleaned properly.

SWT is not only a well-known manufacturer but also a supplier of excavator scrap shear in China. We are always bringing in newer innovations in all our machines and equipment to make life easier for our customers. Contact us now and find more related information.

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Weight Kg 2086 3397
Max.Opening Mm 480 610
End Shear Force Ton 1000 1630
Middle Shear Force Ton 1780 2790
Max Shear Force Ton 4170 5965
Blade Length Mm 480/550 620/690
Drive Oil Pressure Kg 320 380
Suitable for Excavators Ton 20-28 30-42
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