Rvr-30 Model Excavator Attachments Hydraulic Vibro Ripper Xcentric Ripper for Sale

(1)There are several specialties of the excavator hydraulic vibro ripper, such as high efficient energy conservation, environmental protection and so on.
(2)Under the feasibility working conditions, the output an match 3-5 times higher than any other breakers which are fitted on the same class excavatos.

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Product Applications:

(1)There are several specialties of the excavator hydraulic vibro ripper, such as high efficient energy conservation, environmental protection and so on.

(2)Under the feasibility working conditions, the output an match 3-5 times higher than any other breakers which are fitted on the same class excavatos.

(3)In the same working conditon ,SWT excavator mounted vibro ripper can save 30% fuel consumption than hydraulic breakers.

(4)The excavator high frequency vibro ripper working noise is only 50-75db, it is completely satisfied with city proper working requires, even working in the evening.

(5)With a simple refit, the vibro ripper can also work under water.

Prodcut Features:

(1)Enhance 3-5 times higher output, higher breaking effiency.

(2)Reduce synthesize fuel consumption , lower cost.

(3)Minimum damage on excavators, high frequency vibro ripper protecting excavator pumps.

(4)Working underwater and subsurface with out refit

(5)Minimum operation noise with comfortable operation

Vibro Ripper: Quality Excavator Attachment For Increased Productivity
The excavator Vibro Ripper attachment is one of the latest technologies in rock breakers. Like any other breaker hammer, it is used to demolish concrete structures, rocks, hard or frozen ground (permafrost), and other densely compacted material. However, the Vibro Ripper attachment also includes a powerful vibration motor to produce greater output with specialization for high efficient energy conversion and noise reduction.

Tearing or ripping of the earth is an essential step in various construction projects within the aggregates industry. The innovative design of this new generation attachment makes work much easier, while doing less harm to the surrounding environment.

Types of Vibro Rippers
As the perfect rock breaking equipment, rippers have different tool options that can be changed or replaced depending on the strata to be ripped.

Tip (Tooth) Type: This is useful for breaking up soft and medium hard rocks and earth mass, including hard soil, slate, quartz, asphalt, and concrete. It is also efficient for rocks that have been weathered by wind and water.

Chisel Type: Specialized in breaking up hard rock mass, the chisel tool is sturdier and built to withstand fatigue during hard-rock projects like roading, mining, and quarrying.

Compactor Type: Unlike the tip and chisel device, this Vibro Ripper tool serves to compact the earth. It features a high strength compactor plate made of wear-resistant steel.

In addition to the tip, chisel, and compactor tools, the ripper can also be used as a pile driving hammer to provide deep foundation support.

Benefits of The Vibro Ripper
Built with cutting edge technology, the innovative design of the Vibro Ripper offers numerous benefits on-site.

Higher productivity: Under standard working conditions, the output of the ripper is 3-5 times higher than conventional breakers. The special link structure combined with high-frequency vibration provides a powerful digging force with increased breaking power.

Lower Maintenance costs & energy conservation: The ripper is made from wear-resistant steel with increased durability, and fewer components make it low maintenance. The tool options are also manufactured from long lasting material, and the design enables quick and easy replacement of the tooth even on-site.

The oil rotation power system eliminates the need for daily lubrication, and the reduced fuel consumption of the Vibro Ripper also cuts down on maintenance costs.

Minimum operating noise: The Vibro Ripper has a working noise between 50 – 75 dB, perfect for construction sites within city limits. The reduced operating noise also makes it suitable for working till evening.

Reduced vibration impact to excavator and operator: Rippers are designed to exert greater striking force to hard rock sites while minimizing the vibration impact on the excavator and the fatigue transmitted to the operator.

Eco-friendly alternative: The Vibro Ripper is the environment-friendly alternative for drilling and blasting operations at construction sites. It doesn’t release any blasting emissions and is therefore much safer for the environment. With increased precision in separating rock layers, it minimizes the amount of dust spread into the atmosphere.

Ability to work underwater: In addition to land-based constructions, this earth-breaking equipment is capable of operating underwater even without a refit. The Vibro ripper is able to adapt to submerged working conditions, without requiring special devices like air compressors. This also saves cost on the purchase or rent of extra equipment and their related fuel and maintenance costs.

Applications of the Vibro Ripper
The increased efficiency of the ripper creates a wider market offering for this excavator attachment, and the areas in which it can be applied, including:

City Construction – Used for demolition of buildings, excavation of foundations, and pile driving.

Mining – For breaking up hard rocks in mines and quarries.

Roading – For cutting roads and hills and removing deposits of clay and gravel.

Tunnel construction – Useful in the excavation and extraction of rocks when opening up tunnels.

Underwater operations – For dredging and underwater demolition in ports as well as naval engineering and constructing wind farms in the open sea.

Recycling – With the capacity to hold very high temperatures up to 400 degrees Celcius, rippers can be used in recycling at the steel mill and garbage incinerators.

Vibro Ripper vs. Hydraulic Breaker
The Vibro Ripper can save up to 30% in fuel consumption under the same working conditions as hydraulic breakers. When working soft rocks like limestone and clay-slate, it gets the job done 5 times faster with constant high bpm per vibratory power. The ripper also generates 10 – 30% less noise than the hydraulic breaker making it more suitable for noise restricted areas.

They are physically bigger than conventional breaking hammers and, combined with wear-resistant steel parts, can withstand increased stress. Repulsion energy in rigid rock formations like hard sandstone and fresh diabase may cause strain the ripper’s links and bearings. Nonetheless, the attachment is designed to give better productivity than the regular hydraulic breaker 80% of the time.

SWT Excavator Vibro Ripper
SWT is a Vibro Ripper manufacturer offering high-quality excavator hydraulic Vibro Rippers and other heavy-duty machine attachments for a range of construction projects. The Vibro Ripper price depends on capacity, and these attachments come in different sizes suitable for varying excavator weights. Selecting the right one depends on the size of the job, the kind of job (terrain to be ripped), the firmness, slope, and length of the haul road, and whether it requires high or low tractive efficiency. Our Vibro rippers provide an all-round rock breaking solution for up to 50-ton excavators and above.

Select a Vibro Ripper from our product listings. Every SWT attachment is designed, developed, and manufactured in-house and is guaranteed to meet the requirements for maximum efficiency.


1.Where is your factory and we can visit before place the order?

Yes, We are near Shanghai, and you are welcome any time to check and inspection our factroy and producing.

2.Are you recruiting new distributors?

Yes, we are always recruiting new distributors in different area.You can contact with our oneline service manager for more details.

3.How can I be your distributor?

Please contact our service manager for distributor recuriting and distributor support policy documents.

4.I want to buy your attachments, but how to begin?

It is easy. You can contact our online servicer or send email, tell us your excavator model, and which type attachments you want, then we will contact you positive.

5.How is your after sales serivce and parts supplying.

We ourselves are offering quality after sales service, and we also request our distributors have the same quality serivce idea to our users. We also set some overseas parts branch for quick parts delivery.

As a manufacturer focused on Rvr-30 Model Excavator Attachments Hydraulic Vibro Ripper Xcentric Ripper for Sale, we have always been committed to providing our customers with leading technology and top quality products. Our global sales and service network spreads all over the world to ensure that our goods are delivered to customers in the shortest possible time. We always give priority to the interests of customers, fully understand the needs of customers, and provide them with comprehensive solutions.

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