Rsbm Mini Digger Hydraulic Quick Hitch for Sale

SWT semi auto type mini excavator quick hitch is designed for a quick changeover for different excavator attachments including the excavator buckets, excavator ripper, hydraulic breaker or shears etc.

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Forget the installation trouble for extra hydraulic pipeline.  

This quick hitch doesn’t need any hydraulic line, but it can exchange  your attachments very quickly. 


SWT manual type quick hitch for mini excavators is designed for a quick changing for different excavator attachments including the excavator buckets, excavator ripper, hydraulic breaker or hydraulic shears etc.

Check the working video of  quick hitch for mini excavators on Youtube firstly.

Quick Hitch for mini excavator


Features of SWT brand quick hitch for mini digger:

a. It is a link-type mini digger quick hitch with patented design product

b. This is half manual type mainly equipped on mini excavators and mini diggers.

c. It doesn’t need to install any extra hose or pipeline on your excavators to use our mini quick hitches.

c. SWT quick hitch is made of high strength HARDOX steel material for longer working life.

d. Special security design , easy to install, making it more reliable and cost effective for you.

Structure of quick hitch for Takeuchi mini excavators.

What dimensions shoule be needed if we want to buy this quick hitch for Kubota mini excavators.

This semi-auto type quick hitch is not same as the full hydraulic type quick coupler. The pins diameters, ear width  and the pins distance should be strict from the original excavator buckets. Please get the three dimensions as following:

bucket pick-up chart

Which brand mini excavators it can fit on?

SWT mini type quick hithes can be generally installed on any brand of excavators, diggers,or backhoes if it has the right connection dimensions to connect the excavators. The brands are including Yanmar mini excavators, CAT excavators, Kubota diggers, Case skidsteers, JCB mini excavators, Eurocomach mini loaders, Bobcat backhoes, Komatsu, Hitachi, Sany, XCMG, Hyundai, Kobelco, Doosan excavators….

How is the package for this  quick hitch.

It is packed in single wood box for each one.

What is the delivery time after ordered.

This is a dimensions customized excavartor attachments. After you confirm the order and send your excavator bucket pick-up dimensions, then we can cut the material to start. It will take about 3-4 weeks to produce if we have no stock.

But for common excavator models, we often has stock for quick sale.

What is shipping way?

This quick hitch is spefical for mini excavators. It is not so heavy , only around 20-50KGS depends on different mini excavator models. So the best transportation is by Air Express for quick delivery.

Popular quick hitch for mini diggers.

SWT mini excavator quick hitch is a good tool replace human together with excavators. It can exchange the excavator attachments in a short time without removing the lock pins of excavator buckets or other attachments. It is popular especially in Europe countries which the area the human cost is very higher, such as Norway, Sweden, Denmark,Finlad, Germany… It is also generally used for family yard , garden or landscope working.

What is the quality warranty for your manual type mini digger quick hitches.

SWT offer a 12 months quality warranty for all its excavator attachments including this manual type mini excavator quick hithes.

While on construction sites, work is progressing smoothly, and you need to change the bucket or any attachment on your mini digger rapidly. The digger quick hitch is the tool you need to get that done. In this article, we will take a closer look at the mini excavator quick hitch. We will breeze through the features, types, advantages, mode of operation, and application of this attachment. And of course, some hacks to get the best of the excavator attachments.

But first, what is the mini excavator quick hitch?

What Is the mini Excavator Quick Hitch?

In simple terms, a quick hitch is a device attached to an excavator or any construction machine for rapid mounting and unmounting of attachments. Manufactured and distributed by Sanha Machinery Tech, a quick hitch is designed to serve as a switch for different excavator attachments such as hydraulic breakers, excavator ripper, excavator buckets, and many more. Unlike the crude ways of using a hammer to remove, screw, and fit in attachments, a quick hitch seamlessly removes such stress and provides a safe and more easy way of fixing or mounting attachments. SWT quick hitch works perfectly not only with excavators, but also with a backhoe loader, mini-excavator, and many more.

Note that a quick hitch does not mow, demolish, break, or crush but rather, it allows easier, and quicker attachments of implements that do.

Features of 
SWT Excavator Quick Hitch 

In some parts of the world, the quick hitch is also called a quick coupler. Generally, it has three main types. They are;

1. Mechanical excavator quick hitch

2. A semi-automatic excavator quick hitch

3. Automatic excavator quick hitch.

The major difference between the three types of SWT excavator quick hitch is the mode of operation.  Whether it is manually operated or not. We will dwell more on the mode of operation later in this article.

SWT excavator quick hitch comes with almost the same specifications with just some little differences and that brings about the different models of the device. They include; 1G42, 1G43, 2G44, 3G42, 4G44, 4G45, and 6G42.

Below are the specifications of model 1G42;

Model/Descriptions: 1G42

Excavator: 0.5-1 ton

Weight: 18kg

Pin Diameter: 25mm

It’s not enough to know about the specifications theoretically without understanding each of the parameters. Understanding the functions of these features and how they affect the mode of operation is important as this will allow choosing the best device for the attachments you need.

For instance, the weight of this particular model of SWT excavator quick hitch, precisely 18kg, indicates it is perfect for mini-excavator and mini diggers and can’t work with large excavators.

The relatively small diameter also further confirms this. The weight and diameter vary with the number module. The 2G44 weighs 49kg and a pin diameter of 35mm.

Be sure to go for the one that fits your excavator perfectly.

Advantages of 
SWT Excavator Quick Hitch

There are quite a handful of advantages of using a quick hitch on your excavator, below are some;

● The convenience of Use:

The quick hitch is designed not only to enhance the functionality of your excavator but also, for increased convenience. With just your excavator you can perform different tasks, like crushing, breaking, etc. All you need to do is change the attachment.

This comes in handy on sites where the excavator will need to carry out different tasks at one location. The quick hitch enhances rapid change between different functions.

The SWT excavator quick hitch is operated from the seat of the excavator using the lift and lower arms, or the bucket tilt. And because of the hydraulic pin locking feature, the operator can do almost all the mounting and unmounting without leaving the cab.

● Cost-effective 

The SWT quick hitch ensures the best possible utilization of your excavator. It reduces the need to buy different machinery to almost negligible.   

With just your excavator, you can switch through different functions ranging from breaking to demolishing, to crushing and many more without investing in multiple pieces of large machinery.

And this, in return, brings the best possible ROI on capital expenditures. It eliminates maintenance cost, servicing, fuel expenditures.

● Reduced Wear and Tear 

Unlike the crude ways of hammering in and removing bucket pins that could easily lead to damage of the pins, SWT quick hitch offers an easy and safe way of fixing attachments to the excavator.

Even the bucket links are bolted properly leaving no room for bucket damage of any sort.

How to Use SWT mini Excavator Quick Hitch

As said earlier, the main difference between the three types of SWT excavator quick hitch is in their mode of operation.

For the mechanical type, the operator leaves the operator’s station and affects the attachment and release of the bucket. This involves the use of tools at the coupler manually.

The semi-automatic type does the attachment and release of buckets by itself, thanks to its hydraulic system, but the operator needs to know about the manual setup of the coupler. This is to ensure the bucket does not suddenly remove should the hydraulic system fail.

The safety device, which is usually a pin attached to the coupler, is very important as many fatal cases have been recorded.

In fact, in some countries, because of how dangerous it could be, the semi-automatic quick hitch is banned completely. Hence, its important safety pin is attached before the quick hitch is used.

The automatic quick hitch does both the attachments and release of buckets automatically and also comes with an inbuilt safety device.

Application of SWT Excavator Quick Hitch

The excavator quick hitch has now become a common sight on almost all construction sites.

The ease and rapid of operations make it a strong force in the construction industry. With the excavator quick hitch, you can now perform different tasks without investing in a fleet of machinery.

Get the SWT Excavator Quick Hitch immediately

For easy and rapid release and mounting of different attachments, the excavator quick hitch is your perfect pick. And at Sanha Machinery Tech, we manufacture unmatched quality products that are durable, rigid, and highly efficient. 

We take leading technology, excellent quality, and reasonable price as our survival tenet, and pursue 100% customer satisfaction as our goal to provide customers with the most competitive Rsbm Mini Digger Hydraulic Quick Hitch for Sale. Our company turns the development momentum to rely on innovation-driven, vigorously promoting technological innovation, management innovation and business model innovation. With our advanced management and services, we are dedicated to meet your needs.

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Mini excavator quick hitches parameters:

Product name Excavator (Ton) Model Weight(KG) Pin Diameter(MM)
Mini excavator   Mini digger quick hitch 0.5-1 1G42 18 25
1.5-2 1G43 30 30
2.5-3 2G44 49 35
3.5-4 3G42 58 40
5-6 4G44 82 45
6-8 4G45 113 50
12-13 6G42 185 60/65
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