Rotating Hydraulic Pulverizer for sale

Rotating Hydraulic Pulverizer

This rotating hydraulic pulverizer has special design of the jaw teeth, using two layers wearing resistance , and HARDOX400 steel material for long years working life.

What is a rotating type hydraulic pulverizer

When it comes to hydraulic pulverizer for excavators, it often has different types for choose, the fixed type hydraulic pulverizer  and the rotating type for diggers for demolition jobs.

SWT developed above two different types pulverizers for their users.

The rotating type is equiped with a hydraulic rotating motor on the head, so the body of the pulverizer can rotate when it needs different extending directions for objects moving or breaking. It will be more flexible then the fixed type pulverizers.

Check the excavator mounted rotating type hydraulic pulverizer demo videos on Youtube:



SWT rotating type hydraulic pulverizer can fit on different capacity excavators for demolotion jobs. It can meet the primary and secondary demolition jobs. It is mainly used for buliding and concrete demolition. This rotating type concrete pulverizer can recycle the construction concrete material and steel bar to use immediately friendly to environment.It can also use for steel bar cutting while equiped with different cutting knief.

SWT rotating hydraulic pulverizer Features:

This rotating hydraulic pulverizer has special design of the jaw teeth, using two layers wearing resistance , and HARDDOX400 steel material for long years working life.

The excavator mounted rotating pulverizer can rotate 360 degree, and its structure is optimized through load design to balance the opening size and crushing force.

It can finish the demolition jobs quickly and efficiently with lower noise and less vibrations.

Structure of rotating hydraulic pulverizer

Reputation and popular top brands for rotating hydraulic pulverizers over the world

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Excavator mounted rotating type hydraulic pulverizer parameters:

Model Unit SP04 SP06 SP08 SP10
Dead Weight Kg 554 1410 1750 2750
Max Opening MM 577 730 900 1015
Length MM 1720 2000 2150 2374
Width MM 658 660 706 860
Max Crushing Force Ton 83 105 165 225
Max Shear Force Ton 126 165 210 305
Blade Length MM 120 150 180 200
Driving Oil Pressure Kg/Cm² 230 300 320 380
Suitable Excavator Ton 6-12 12-18 18-26 26-30
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Yes, you can buy directly from us if we have no distributors in your area.

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It is easy. You can contact our online servicer or send email, tell us your excavator model, and which type attachments you want, then we will contact you positive.

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Yes, we accept private Paypal and credit card payment.

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Yes, we can arrange shipping to your address with DDP payment. You can tell us your location while you place the order to us.

Do you have manual book and parts book for this rotating hydraulic pulverizer?

Yes, the mentioned documents will be delivery together with the machine.

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