Rotary Screening Bucket for Excavators


In construction works, excavators are a crucial part. However, they need the right attachments to work best. One of the common attachments used in the sector is the excavator rotary screening bucket.

In this article, we will review SWT’s excavator rotary screening bucket. We will introduce this product in terms of its features and properties. We will then talk about its functions and its applications.

What is an Excavator Rotary Screening Bucket?

Sanha Machinery Tech is an excavator attachments manufacturer that produces the excavator rotary screening bucket. The product is simply one type of excavator bucket that offers the highest quality and renders efficiency when used.


There is something unique about SWT excavator rotary screening bucket. From the name, it has two components that functions differently. One is the Excavator bucket. The other is the mesh. Therefore, by getting the excavator rotary screening bucket, you get to enjoy two components with myriad of functions.

The excavator bucket allows you to dig, trench, screen materials. The mesh further improves on this by working like a sieve.

Excavator Rotary Screening Bucket Designs

There are many types of excavator buckets. Therefore, it makes sense that there will be many types of rotary screening bucket. Yes, you can get screening buckets of many designs at Sanha Machinery Tech.

There are six screening bucket models available: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G, 8G, and 9G for different excavators. Each one has different properties and features. However, the trend is that the higher the model, the better the screening bucket’s capacity.

Below are a few parameters that you should check to decide the right model.

· Carrier Weight

This is the weight the carrier can support while moving. The measurement is in tons and it increases as you move from the 2G model (2.5-3.5) to the 9G model (28-36)

· Dimension

The dimension is in terms of diameter and width measured in “MM.” Dimension increases from the 2G model (500 and 580 respectively) to the 9G model (1530 and 1500 respectively).

· Capacity

The capacity is in cubic meters, and it shows the amount of substance the attachment can hold. Capacity increases from the 2G model (0.06) to the 9G model (1.8).

· Mesh Size

The mesh size is critical if you work in areas where they separate stones from sand etc. It comes in 15-80MM for all models.

· Miscellaneous

There are other parameters, such as weight and working pressure. The working pressure is the same for all models. Weight increases as you go from the 2G model (205kg) to the 9G model (2550kg).

You must know about these parameters before getting any of the models.

Functions of An Excavator Rotary Screening Bucket

From the previous explanation, the SWT excavator rotary screening bucket comprises an excavator bucket and a mesh. From the two attachments, you can get how the product works.

The excavator bucket is responsible for carrying and transporting materials. The mesh is also responsible for the separation of materials.

Below are a few general functions of the rotary screening bucket

· Digging

Excavator buckets are majorly for digging when used in construction sites. However, the digging majorly depends on the type of excavator buckets. Therefore, the excavator rotary screening bucket is the right tool for work that requires digging and trenching. It is even more ideal for digging in places where there are different sands. This is due to the presence of the mesh which we will explain in the next part.

You can also up the function of the screening bucket by adding an excavator thumb. By adding an excavator thumb, you can easily dig and carry materials from one point to another. The thumb will improve the product’s gripping ability.

While the bucket holds the material, the thumb will secure it in shape. However, there are only a few scenarios you can use the thumber.

· Material Screening

The mesh is responsible for the screening process. The mesh has a rotary feature that makes screening very easy. The rotation also allows the separation process to be faster. The rotary screening bucket is ideal for separating stones from sand. You can also use it in the classification of soft materials.

Applications of the Excavator Rotary Screening Bucket

The rotary screening bucket is a prominent attachment in many construction works because of its components and exquisite design. Using the product has the following advantages:

– An increase in productivity.

– An increase in efficiency associated with each work

– A reduction in the machine operating cost.

– A reduction in the time it takes to complete a project.

The product is prominent in works that require digging, material transportation, and separation. Below are sectors where they apply the attachment.

· Agriculture

The attachment is prominent in this sector because of the separation of digging and soil screening. It is more ideal for large scale farming. This is because there is a need to turn the soil constantly for different purposes.

· Forestry

The rotary screening bucket can also be of service in the large scale clearing of forests. They can perform functions such as digging and leveling of land area.

· Irrigation

Irrigation is majorly about digging the ground and material screening. The excavator rotary screening bucket is ideal for such purpose. However, you can further add other attachments, such as the excavator thumb, to help in the digging part.

· Road Building

Excavator rotary screening bucket are also ideal for road building. However, this might be at stages where there is a need to transfer and separate stones from sand.

· Cleaning Rivers

Because of their design, they are also ideal from clearing secluded part of waterbodies. However to effectively use them, you have to go for the bigger size. The bucket part will help hold the materials while the mesh will drain the water.


SWT excavator rotary screening bucket is ideal in places in digging, and screening is done simultaneously. It is an essential attachment for excavators used in works related to Agriculture, Forestry, Irrigation. With the products, there is an assurance of efficiency and productivity.

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