Pedestal Rock Breaker Boom Systems

The hydraulic station, the slewing support system, the boom operating system, the control system, and the electric control cabinet make up the rock breaker boom system. Accessories like a hydraulic hammer, lotus claw, scissors, and holding clips can be added to the fixed rock breaker boom system.


What are the rock breaker boom system primary application areas?


1. Underground quarries and open-pit quarries

The secondary crushing operation is obstructed by the crusher’s feed port and grid sieve.

2. Underground mines and open-pit mines

Treatment of blockages in the shaft chute, secondary crushing at the ore transfer station in underground mines, loading yard, ore opening, and grid sieve (tiger mouth) at feed ports.

3. The aggregate sand and gravel sector

The input port of the crusher and the mobile crushing station on the sand and gravel aggregate yard’s production line are both congested during secondary crushing.

4. Feed port for crusher

The feed bin prevents secondary crushing in jaw crushers, gyratory crushers, impact crushers, hammer crushers, and mobile crushing stations.

5. Metalworking foundries

A variety of mobile ladles and metallurgical furnaces, including shelling, disassembly, brick removal, and slag ladle cleaning.

6.Loading station

At the dock loading and unloading station, a big rock obstruction was treated using secondary crushing.

7.Station for disposing of municipal rubbish, cement plant’s hot clinker port, foundry for smelting auto components, and mine handling and grabbing operations.

SWT rock breaker boom system have 3 types for you:

Half rotating rock breaker boom system

Full rotating rock breaker boom system

Mobile breaker boom system

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