A rock breaker boom system is often used in stone quarry. It is specially designed for rock breaking jobs equipped in front of crusher while the crusher was struck by rocks, The whole working system integrates hydraulic power station, electric motor, fixed pedestal boom system, rock breaker, hydraulic control system, as well as the control system. It can be controlled using remote keeping save. For optional, it can be equipped with auto grease system and fire extinguishing system for human cost-saving and safeness.

Half Rotating Rock Breaker Boom System

Full Rotating Rock Breaker Boom System

We’re well-known as one of the leading pedestal rock breaker boom system manufacturers and suppliers in China.

All of our boom breaker system have following features:

  • Heavy duty cylinders
  • Strong boom and arm design
  • High efficiency rock breaker
  • Manual,Joystick and Remoter Controller
  • Optional auto-grease system
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