Reasons for abnormal vibration of breaker

Apr 02, 2020

Breakers are mainly used in mining, municipal gardens, ships, railways, metallurgy, etc. However, if there is abnormal vibration during use, we need to pay attention to it. Let me tell you the reasons for the abnormal vibration of the hammer:

1. The hammer hammer is too long

If the tail of the breaker hammer rod is too long, the theoretical stroke will be shortened, and the piston inertia will be downward. After the drill rod is impacted again, it will work abnormally upwards, resulting in the so-called rebound of the rod. However, it has become a counter-effect force. While the fuselage feels abnormally sensational, the energy counteracts the broken hammer itself, which will cause damage to the host and other defects.

2. Unreasonable matching of directional valve

If a directional valve that does not match the hammer movement is used during installation, it will also cause the impact of the drill rod to rebound and cause vibration. During operation, the drill rod rebounded, but our technicians inspected all parts of the hydraulic breaker and found no abnormal problems. When we replaced the directional valve assembly, we found that the problem was solved; and the replaced directional valve assembly, when installed on another breaker, can also work normally. This is because when the directional valve and the oil passage of the middle cylinder do not match, it will cause the directional valve cover plate screws to crack frequently, and then the drill rod will also rebound. When everything is reasonably matched, the fault is eliminated.

3. Ruptured leather cup or lack of accumulator pressure

Rupture of the cup or lack of pressure on the accumulator will cause the hammer to shake violently. Due to the breakage of the cup, the pressure of the accumulator will be released, and the effect of energy storage will be lost. It may even cause serious problems for the host.

In addition to the above three points, there may also be excessive wear of the front and rear bushings, which causes the drill rod to become stuck. I hope the above three reasons can help you find the problem and take the right medicine.

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