Reasons for abnormal vibration of breaker

Apr 16, 2020

Breaker is an important working tool of excavator, it can better clean the mud in the cracks of rocks and rocks. It is mainly used in mining, municipal gardens, ships, railways, metallurgy, etc. When the hammer is operating, it sometimes vibrates abnormally. What causes this? Let’s take a look with the editor.

1. If the tail of the hammer hammer rod is too long, the theoretical stroke is shortened, and the inertia of the piston is downward, then after the drill rod is subjected to impact, it will work abnormally upwards, resulting in the so-called rebound of the rod, and the piston does not have the amount of function. After being released, it becomes a counter-effect force. While the robot feels abnormally sensational, the energy deflects the breaker itself, causing damage to the host and other problems.

2. The matching of the directional valve is unreasonable, resulting in impact rebound. When the hammer is operating, the drill rod rebounds. When checking all the parts, no abnormalities were found. When we replaced the directional valve assembly, we found that the problem was removed; The replaced directional valve assembly, as a repair part, can also work normally when it is installed on another breaker. This is because when the control valve does not match the oil passage of the middle cylinder, it will cause directional change. The valve cover screw cracks frequently, and the drill rod also rebounds. And when everything is properly matched, the problem will be eliminated. The directional valve itself has no problems, it just happens to not match one of the middle cylinders, but it exactly matches the other one.

3. The rupture of the leather cup may cause violent shaking due to lack of pressure on the accumulator. The inner cavity of the hammer breaks due to the break of the leather cup, which causes the pressure of the accumulator to lose pressure. , Leading to a violent sensation until the host has serious problems.

4. Excessive wear of the front and rear bushings causes the drill rod to be stuck, and the operation is abnormal.

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