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The hydraulic type pile breaker can be use to cut the concrete pile head easily with higher efficiency.It is low-noise and safe operation. It has no impacting force on the body of the pile and no influence on the bearing capacity of the pile. The pile head cutter can short the construction period easily.

What is a concrete pile breaker.

Concrete pile breaker is also named pile head cutter or pile head crusher. It is a tool to cut the concrete pile head, so the workers can connect the rebar in the pile body to others on the top for next construction job. SWT brand pile breaker is driven by hydraulic oil pressure. It can be installed on excavators, cranes, and other construction machinery which can output the hydraulic pressure as the power to run the pile head machine. The hydraulic power can be get from hydraulic power station directly.

Check the pile head cutter working videos on Youtube.

What is the features of SWT brand hydraulic type pile head breakers.

1.Powerful: It uses patented heavy type hydraulic oil cylinder. Single cylinder can be maximum 340Bar.

2.Modular Design: It can cut square or round or or for different diameters () concrete piles by adjusting the quantity of the pile head cutter models.

3.Protective: The pile breaker is cutting the pile like a knife or like crumbbing the pile head by hand. It has no heavy vibration like the hydraulic breaker or hydraulic jack hammer by impacting on the pile. It won’t destroy the foundation of the pile.

4.Long service life: It is made of military material by frist class steel factory with reliable quality for longer working life. If maintenance well, it can work more than 10 years.

5.Economic: If equiped with the right cariers like excavators. It won’t more extra labor cost to operate it.

All above features listed make SWT hydraulic type pile head cutters very higher effiency.  Normally it can cut 50-100 piles every 8 hours.


Structures of SWT brand excavator mounted hydraulic type pile head cutter

(1) Single Working Unit (Minimum 4 PCS working units connected can be a cutting machine for concrete pile).


(2) A whole  working group for concrete pile head cutting. The cutting diameters can be adjusted by adding or reducing the quanity of the single working unit.

Installation of hydraulic type pile cutter

In most cases, excavator which can be moved conveniently is used as power source during  engineering construction. Remove bucket of the excavator and sling chain of the pile breaker at the  connection shaft of the bucket and the large arm to mechanically combine these two kinds of  equipment together; and then connect the large arm hydraulic circuit of the excavator to cylinder  circuit of the pile breaker with balanced valve to drive cylinder group of the pile breaker to work.

Repair and maintenance hydraulic type concrete pile cutting machine

The SP800 hydraulic type concrete pile cutting machine can be repaired and maintained easily. When the pile breaker  works continuously for 1 month or cuts 1000 piles, it shall be stopped to check whether each part is  in good condition.  The lifting device shall be firstly checked for damage and crack. Especially for sling chain and chain  shackle, each part shall be checked carefully. If there is any damage or crack, replacement shall be made immediately!

The working unit shall be checked, especially for drill rod and hydraulic part! Drill rods are direct  working parts and are prone to damage after reaching a certain workload. Make all drill rods stretch  out through pressurization to check the drill rods one by one. If any damage or crack is found,  immediate replacement shall be made. If all drill rods are in good condition, all hydraulic parts shall  also be checked one by one. In case any damage or crack is discovered, immediate replacement shall  be made.


Enviroment friendly: it is fully hydraulic drive causes less noises during operation and no influence on the surrounding enviroments.

SWT’s hydraulic pile breaker is an important attachment used in many constructions works.  Here you will get to know its characteristics, features, and functions. Also included will be how you can use them to get the best out of your construction project.

What is a Hydraulic Pile Breaker?

The hydraulic pile breaker machine is a product made and distributed by us at Sanha Machinery Tech. Like other products made by us, it is of the highest quality.

It goes by many names. For example, it is called the pile cropper or the pile cutter in some part of the world. It is a mechanical device of different sizes and types, and it has a hydraulic feature which makes it easy to operate.

The pile breaker is an attachment that you mount on machines such as excavators where it is used in pillar construction and demolition projects. For example, the attachment can be used in crushing the concrete part of a pillar without incurring damage to the steel reinforcement.

It comes in different designs with customizable options. Therefore, you can use it for concrete piles of different sizes and shapes.

Features of an SWT Hydraulic Pile Breaker?

The hydraulic pile breaker can pull off works deemed hard due to its features and other things. At Sanha Machinery Tech, we have two types: the SH800 and SH400 hydraulic pile breaker. Below are some of the features of the SH800 type.

Model/Description: SH800

Range of Pile diameter(mm): Φ1850-Φ2000

Maximum pressure Hydraulic cylinder: 34.3Mpa

Cut the number of pile/8h: 20-100

Height for cut pile each time: ≤300mm

Supporting the digging Machine Tonnage(excavator): ≥35t

One-piece module weight: 381kg

One-piece module size: 908x780x400

Work status dimensions: Φ3200×3000

Total pile breaker weight: 5t

Choosing the SH800 hydraulic pile breaker is not only because of the specifications it comes with. It is about understanding each specification. It is only with a proper understanding that you can enjoy and maximize the use of the attachment.

In total, there are eight models of the concrete pile breaker having module numbers from 6-13. Each model has different parameters. Below are three important parameters ones you should take note.

· Weight

Knowing the weight of the attachment is important before you choose the right model.  It is important because it is one of the factors that determine the type of work the concrete pile breaker can do. It is also responsible for the excavator you can attach it to.

Weight of the pile breaker increases as the module number increases. For example, module number 6 SH800 hydraulic pile breaker weighs 2335kg, while module number 13 weighs 5000kg.

· Diameter Range

The diameter range shows the area of the pile you can target at once. It is measured in millimeters and increases across the module numbers of the SH800 hydraulic pile breaker.

It would be best if you targeted the models you want based on the size of the concrete piles. For example, if you have a very large concrete pile, you can go for module number 13. This model comes with a diameter range of 1850-2000 millimeters

· Platform Weight

It would be best if you take note of the platform weight because of its importance in selecting the right excavator to use.

Advantages of Using A Hydraulic Pile Breaker?

Also, there are some advantages of using either the SH800 or SH400 hydraulic pile breaker. Below are a few advantages:

– Environmentally Friendly: Due to it being hydraulic, the concrete pile breaker produces less noise when used. This makes it a tool ideal for high-level construction works in any environment.

– Ease of Operation: The concrete pile breaker is easy to operate and does not require any professional skills to use. Therefore, there is a lower operation cost, machine maintenance cost, and labor cost.

– Diversity: Concrete piles come in different shapes and sizes. To combat this, you should use a customizable, adjustable and tailored pile breaker. The SWT concrete pile breaker is customizable to fit any size. You can also change the module combination for both round and square piles.

– Long working life: the SWT hydraulic pile breaker came from military class materials and top-notch steel factories.

How to Use the 
SWT Pile Breaker?


The SWT hydraulic pile breaker is very easy to operate. However, before you use the device, you have to consider some factors. These are the shape and size of the pile you want to break or cut.

Based on the shape of concrete piles, there are two types of pile breakers. There is a square pile breaker used for square-shaped concrete piles. There is also a round pile breaker used for round concrete piles.

The SH800 and SH400 hydraulic pile breaker have both functions. This means that you can easily customize the attachment to deal with different concrete shape and size.

Choosing the right pile breaker will also reduce the damages to concrete piles while you cut them. Therefore, increasing the efficiency of such a process.

To use the pile breaker, position it near the pillar you want to be broken. Activate the oil flow to allow the crushing process to take place. The crushing process will then occur without damage to the pile’s internal structure. Lift the attachment upwards to remove the concrete while leaving the steel rod.

Applications of SWT Hydraulic Pile Breaker

SWT pile breakers are gaining popularity because they are easy to operate, and they save time. They save time due to a fully automated process during use. They are used in several sectors in the construction industry such as housing, road making and bridge making.

Get the Pile Breaker

The SWT hydraulic pile breaker is a tool ideal for cutting or breaking concrete without adverse effects on the steel structure. At Sanha Machinery Tech, you can get the SH800 or the SH400 hydraulic pile breaker known for the high-quality and efficiency associated.

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Product Parameters:

SH800 hydraulic pile breaker cutter / 13 PCS models for 2000MM round piles.

Model/Description SH800
Range of Pile diameter(mm) Φ1850-Φ2000
Maximum pressure Hydraulic cylinder 34.3Mpa
Cut the number of pile/8h 20-100
Height for cut pile each time ≤300mm
Supporting the digging Machine Tonnage(excavator) ≥35t
One-piece module weight 381kg
One-piece module size 908x780x400
Work status dimensions Φ3200×3000
Total pile breaker weight 5t

SH800 hydraulic pile breaker for different diameter piles with different model quantities

Module numbers Pile diameter Range(mm) Excavator Weight(t) Total Weight(kg)
6 500-600 20 2335
7 650-800 22 2720
8 850-1000 26 3100
9 1050-1200 27 3480
10 1250-1400 30 3860
11 1450-1600 32 4240
12 1650-1800 35 4620
13 1850-2000 36 5000
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