On-site management is very important during the construction of large breakers

Apr 09, 2020

At present, the construction management level of construction machinery in China is constantly improving, and safety management is the content of on-site management. For the safety management of large-scale breakers and other special mechanical equipment, we must pay full attention to the targeted implementation of management strategies to improve problem solving s efficiency. By deepening the research and analysis of the safety management of special mechanical equipment from a theoretical level, the corresponding theoretical reference can be provided for the solution of practical problems.

During the use of the large-scale breaker in the construction site, due to the influence of many factors, there will be hidden safety hazards, affecting the overall construction quality and efficiency. With the accelerated development of modernization, construction engineering machinery construction has a relatively high demand for special machinery and equipment. This is an important measure to improve production efficiency. Various types of machinery and equipment have entered the construction machinery construction site. Security management has also increased the difficulty.

Strengthen the safety management of the construction site of large-scale breakers, which should be combined with the actual work status. The characteristics of the mechanical equipment used and the work requirements should be clear to ensure the overall quality and safety of the mechanical equipment. The safety management of construction machinery special machinery equipment is a more systematic work, and the type and structure of the equipment should be treated separately to ensure the reliability of the equipment.

Due to the unsafe behavior of people, unsafe factors of mechanical equipment itself, and unsafe factors of installation and use operations, it will cause frequent use accidents of mechanical equipment, resulting in a large number of casualties and economic property Loss accident. The main reason is that the safety management of special machinery and equipment has not been strengthened, which has buried many hidden dangers.

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