Notes And Correct Working Methods Of Breaker

Apr 07, 2020


Install a debris shield device in front of the cab to prevent injuries caused by flying debris during operation.

During the operation, all personnel on site, including the driver of the excavator, must wear earplugs and masks.

The driver should sit on the seat and operate only when the condition of the excavator / loader and breaker is normal.

If someone enters the danger zone of the operation, the operation should be stopped immediately; because compared with the excavation operation, the personnel are easily hit by the flying debris during the operation.

When working with a breaker, the excavator / loader should be operated in compliance with the safe operation regulations of the excavator / loader manufacturer. Make sure the installation is in good condition and the debugging is normal.

Do not operate if you are drunk or respond to medication.

When taking off the bent back for maintenance and repair, make sure that the working conditions are stable and lower the working device.

Correct way of working

1) Appropriate breakdown force

For effective crushing, the hammer should be applied with the appropriate breakdown force. If the breakdown force is insufficient, the hammering energy of the piston will not be able to effectively crush the stone; in this way, the reaction force of the hammering force will be transmitted to the hammer body, the arm of the excavator / loader, etc., thereby damaging these components.

On the other hand, when the excavator / loader arm is lifted, if the breakdown force is too large and the crushing operation is carried out, the machine may suddenly tilt at the moment of the gravel, the crushing hammer is violent, and the violent impact of the stone will cause it to be damaged. In this situation, when striking, vibrations will also be transmitted to the excavator’s track and wheels. Avoid working in this situation.

Therefore, during the strike operation, always pay attention to its breakdown force, and do not operate at the time when the breakdown force is not suitable.

2) Breakdown direction

The breakdown direction should be in line with the steel brazing. When the steel drill breaks the rock, the amount of work should be maintained in the vertical direction. If the hammering direction is inclined, the steel drill may slip off during hammering, causing the steel drill and the piston to break or jam. Therefore, during the crushing operation, the breakdown point should be selected, so that the hammer can ensure the stability of the hammering operation.

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