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Ditch cleaning bucket is deigned for jobs such as landscaping, ditch cleaning, grading, finishing and back filling. It often include drain holes on the bucket body to reduce the body weight, and release the material easily during operation.

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Ditch cleaning bucket is deigned for jobs such as landscaping, ditch cleaning, grading, finishing and back filling. It often include drain holes on the bucket body to reduce the body weight, and release the material easily during operation. The bucket width could be different according to the work object width. The bolt-on-edge design is also reversible, which can make sure the bucket lip is still straight and protect it from wearing. It is also saving extra cost, that you need only change the edge by loose the bolts on the edge.

The ditch cleaning bucket body is made by higher strength steel but with lighter weight and longer working life comparing to some other buckets.

Excavator Ditch Cleaning Bucket

As the name implies, a ditch cleaning bucket is an excavator attachment that’s primarily used to clean ditches. It can also clean canals and drainage channels. Keep reading to learn about the ditch cleaning bucker, its features, applications, and how you can get one.

How does a Ditch Cleaning Bucket Work?

Below are the features that make a ditch cleaning bucket tick.

· Sloped Bottom: When you’re working with a cleaning bucket, you want to load up as much dirt as possible to increase your work speed. This bucket is equipped with a sloped bottom that slopes away from the direction of the dig and allows for quick loading.

· Tampard Sides: The bucket has tampered sides which keeps the bottom and sides away from hard contact. The cutting edge handles are the hard stuff. This reduces drag and any unnecessary use of horsepower.

· Reversible Wear-Edge: The bucket’s reversible wear edge protects the inbuilt base edge. This edge comes with two sides that can be easily changed by reversing the sides in case one of them wears down an edge.

· Side Cutters: Side cutters have 3 main functions. Firstly, they protect against wear on the corner. This saves you money on maintenance. Secondly, they add extra cut width to the bucket. This additional width allows the bucket to make wider cuts than the bucket size during trenching applications. Lastly, side cutters also prevent the bucket’s sides from dragging against the trench edge. This reduces overall wear and boosts productivity.

· Draining Perforations: Another useful feature is the drainage perforations on the bucket. These tiny holes help to drain liquid substance as the bucket picks up dirt and other materials. The perforations also help to reduce the weight of the load and aid the release of materials when unloading.

This excavator ditch cleaning bucket comes in different profiles or shapes that fit different kinds of the job perfectly. Clients can request any of these profiles from the manufacturer depending on the nature of their project. The profiles include:

· Round Profile: The round profile is better suited to light projects. Depending on its size, it’s equipped with a few internal attachments. It could be one or more.

· Square Profile: The square profile is reinforced with one or more attachments depending on the width. It also features a rear welded blade. This profile is a perfect fit for soil or ground leveling projects.

· Holland Profile: The Holland profile has an elongated shape that allows it to take in more load than the normal profile. It is reinforced with several attachments depending on its width.


The main application of a ditch cleaning bucket is to clean ditches. Ditches are dug to channel floodwater away from areas where they are not wanted. However, after a while, the ditch begins to gather dirt and debris which prevents the floodwater from being drained properly. It can also cause other issues like stagnant water and might even lead to road damage.

The aim of cleaning a ditch is to get rid of all the dirt that’s preventing the water from flowing properly. With its size and shape, a ditch cleaning bucket can cut through the sediment and take in as much dirt as possible to dispose of. This is done repeatedly until the ditch is back to its original shape.

Apart from ditches, these buckets can also be used to clean canals. Just like ditches, canals accumulate a lot of dirt and other waste materials overtime that could make them unsafe for marine life. A ditch cleaning bucket can be used to remove waste material. The drainage holes in the bucket ensures that dirt is drained of liquid leaving just the solid dirt to be disposed of. This bucket can also be used to clean lakes and other road projects.

Difference Between a Ditch Cleaning Bucket and a Trapezoidal Bucket

If you’ve seen both buckets, it’s difficult not to notice the resemblance. Also, they can both be used for cleaning ditches and canals. So, what’s the difference between both buckets, and can they be interchanged?

The main difference is their application. While the ditch cleaning bucket is mainly used for cleaning ditches, the trapezoidal bucket is majorly for digging. The ditch cleaning bucket is wider than the V-bucket. This shape allows it to carry more load.

On the other hand, v-bucket have sharp side blades that allows them to cut through the ground easily. They can also be reinforced with teeth to allow them to cut through the compact ground a lot easier.

What to Consider Before Buying a Ditch Cleaning Bucket

Before buying a ditch bucket, here’s what you must consider:

· Nature of Project: As earlier stated, different project requires buckets with different specifications. The modifications allow them to perform tasks a lot easier. Before getting a cleaning bucket, be sure to do some research and find out if your project requires a round, square, or Holland profile cleaning bucket. You can also ask the manufacturer to make these modifications for you.

· Type of Excavator: Your excavator model will determine the kind of bucket that fits in. Be sure to inform the manufacturer about your excavator model and request an attachment that fits perfectly.

· Manufacturer: As always, the quality of the product depends on the manufacturer. Many excavator ditch cleaning bucket manufacturers claim to be the best, but not everyone actually delivers on their promise.

It is, therefore, important to do a little research to ensure you’re buying your attachment from a trusted manufacturer. When you do make a choice, call in for inquiries and ask about the services they render. Sanha Machinery Tech offers after-sale services including monitoring the bucket’s installation to ensure that it’s working properly.


An excavator ditch cleaning bucket is an excellent excavator attachment for projects like landscaping, grading, ditch cleaning, and backfilling. It’s modified to carry more load than other excavator buckets. If you’re looking to get one, you can contact Sanha Machinery Tech for quality ditch cleaning buckets. You can have your purchase shipped to you anywhere around the world.


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