Mini Excavator Tilt Clean Bucket

The tilt bucket can be titlable as you wanted on your excavator for ditch cleaing, paving.
It has double hydraulic cylinders which comes with high strength cutting edge

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Procut Application:

Excavator tile bucket is a very popular tool ditch cleaning , slope trimming and riverbed dredging etc. It can make the job very easily and high effiency.

Product Features:

The tilt bucket can be titlable as you wanted on your excavator for ditch cleaing, paving.

It has double hydraulic cylinders which comes with high strength cutting edge

Except two cylinders type buckets, we also designed one cylinder tilting bucket with less weight but bigger loading capacity.

SWT excavator tilt bucket has designed bolt on the cutting edge, which is more flexiable for future maintenance.

What is a Tilt Bucket?


Excavator buckets are the ideal attachments for works that require digging and transportation of materials.

There are many types of excavator bucket which opens the use of the attachments to different construction works. The excavator tilt bucket is a type of excavator bucket made ideally for tasks like ditch cleaning, slope trimming, and riverbed dredging.

The tilt bucket is ideal for such a purpose because of its design. It can tilt between 450, making it a more flexible option for the process. The tilt function also removes the need for operators to worry about the device position. At Sanha Machinery Tech, we have the tilt bucket in two types. There is a two-cylinder type bucket and a one-cylinder tilt bucket. Both types are made from high-quality materials by seasoned workers. They also provide the best in terms of efficiency when used in construction works.

Features of an SWT Excavator Tilt Bucket

The excavator tilt buckets can pull of jobs which conventional excavator buckets cannot do. At Sanha Machinery Tech, you can get either the two-cylinder type or the one-cylinder type.  Below are the features of the excavator tilt bucket.

● Hydraulic Mechanism

The two models have a hydraulic mechanism. Therefore it is easy for operators to make use of them. It also makes them ideal for working in any environment.

● Hydraulic Mechanism

Both models feature a thick side plate which makes them ideal for heavy-duty work. there is an assurance that the material will not

● Side Cutter

The side cutter of both models is very thick. Therefore, both models can be used for any soil. It does not matter how hard the soil is. The thickness makes it suitable.

● Cutting Edge

The two models come with a bolt-on edge feature. Therefore, it improves the life span of the product. It further makes the product ideal for both standard and heavy-duty construction works.

Also included on the cutting edge is a bolt-on feature. This feature is responsible for improving the life span of the product. It further makes the product more suited for standard and heavy-duty construction works

Choosing the Right Excavator Model?

Choosing any of the two depends on the understanding of each’s specification. There are also many factors you have to consider before getting one. Below are three important parameters you should take note of.

● Weight

Generally, the weight of an attachment is an important factor in choosing any attachment to use with an excavator. In terms of the excavator tilt bucket, the weight unit is in tons. Knowing the weight will allow you to select the right model for your work. Of the two models, the one-cylinder tilt bucket weighs less than the two-cylinder.

● Width

The width of the excavator tilt bucket shows the amount of material it can pack at a go. of the two models, the one-cylinder even though has a lesser weight has a bigger width. Therefore, its weight and width make it the one-cylinder type better.  

Why Should You Get the Excavator Tilt Bucket?

There are many reasons why you should get the excavator bucket. It is made of high-quality material resistant to corrosion and rust. Below are other advantages of the products. :

– Hydraulic Mechanism Implementation: an excavator tilt bucket is a hydraulic tool. This has many advantages on its own. One is that it is ideal for working in any environment under any working condition. Another is that the hydraulic nature makes it very easy to use. Therefore, it only requires little or no skill for option. Hydraulic nature also means lower cost in terms of operation, machine maintenance, and labour.

– Capacity: both models offer a very large loading capacity. However, the one-cylinder tilt bucket has a larger capacity than the other. Due to the high loading capacity, works and improvement are efficient in productivity. The design also makes it easy for the operator to carry out their tasks.

– High quality:  like everyone predicts from Sanha Machinery Tech. The excavator tilt bucket is of high quality. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the working conditions of the attachment over some time.

– Other attachments: You can also attach other attachments to the excavator tilt bucket. For example, there is a space for an excavator’s thumb. An excavator thumb will hold down materials that can fall. It will also help to diversify its uses in other forms of construction works.

Application of the SWT Excavator Tilt Bucket

The SWT excavator tilt bucket is easy to operate. Due to the features and properties previously discussed the product is used in many sectors in construction. Below are places where it can be used:

– Environmental Sanitation: the excavator tilt bucket is ideal for ditch cleaning due to its high loading capacity.

– River Dredging. The large loading capacity and the cutting edge of the excavator makes it the ideal attachment for river dredging. When mounted on the excavator, it can be used in the removal of debris present in rivers, lakes, streams, etc.

– Slope trimming: the cutting edge of the tilt bucket also makes it ideal for some agricultural processes such as slope trimming. Slope trimming is also available in road-making.

Generally, the excavator tilt bucket is popular in sectors such as housing, road-making, and bridge making.

Get the Excavator Tilt Bucket

The excavator tilt bucket works like any other excavator bucket. However, it has a plus. It can tilt to aid better collecting and transferring of material. Therefore, in any work that falls under this category, the tilt bucket is your perfect pick.

At Sanha Machinery Tech, you can get the two types of excavator tilt bucket. But are of the highest quality and are highly efficient and excellent. 


1.Where is your factory and we can visit before place the order?

Yes, We are near Shanghai, and you are welcome any time to check and inspection our factroy and producing.

2.Are you recruiting new distributors?

Yes, we are always recruiting new distributors in different area.You can contact with our oneline service manager for more details.

3.How can I be your distributor?

Please contact our service manager for distributor recuriting and distributor support policy documents.

4.I want to buy your attachments, but how to begin?

It is easy. You can contact our online servicer or send email, tell us your excavator model, and which type attachments you want, then we will contact you positive.

5.How is your after sales serivce and parts supplying.

We ourselves are offering quality after sales service, and we also request our distributors have the same quality serivce idea to our users. We also set some overseas parts branch for quick parts delivery.

For technology, we tirelessly pursue breakthroughs, put customer needs first, and strive to develop new Mini Excavator Tilt Clean Bucket. We look forward to getting your inquiries. We have independently developed and designed a number of products, which have been put on the market and received good response.

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