Mini Excavator Attachments Supplier

Mini Excavator Attachments

There are various attachments for mini excavators to make your excavator multifunctional. SWT is a professional manufacturer and factory supplier of mini excavator attachments

  • Quick Hitch

This is the best recommended attachments for mini excavators. If you want to make your excavator multifunctional, it is necessary which can save you much trouble and time on attachments exchanging. And for mini excavator, we recommend this semi-auto type quick hitch. It doesn’t need any pipeline and hose installation on your mini digger with limited room.

The features of SWT brand quick hitch for mini digger:

a. It is a link-type mini digger quick hitch with patented design product

b. This is half manual type mainly equipped on mini excavators and mini diggers.

c. It doesn’t need to install any extra hose or pipeline on your excavators to use our mini quick hitches.

c. SWT quick hitch is made of high strength HARDOX steel material for longer working life.

d. Special security design , easy to install, making it more reliable and cost effective for you.

  • Hydraulic hammer

Hydraulic hammer is a popular attachments of excavators. It is used to breaking kinds of materials such as the in-house demolition, rock breaking in quarry, asphalt breaking for road rebuilding.

SWT brand hydraulic hammer has following features:

1.Choosing quality material from reputation steel factory, and the material is track-able. Good quality material means none fatal risk on the hydraulic hammer body and longer working life.

2.All the excavator hydraulic hammer parts we produced with fixed standard drawing, forbidding casual producing to keep all the parts are standard, avoiding parts mistake.

3.All main bodies of the hydraulic hammer should be impacting tested before delivery to make sure it can work well while the user get it installed.

4.To make difference, we improve and develop some new plus models box type hydraulic hammers with big power and very flexiable operation for users, which is more power than most of same capacity hammers on the market.

5.In order to make users can touch us easily, some overseas service and parts center also settled.

6.With long years sales and service exprience, we know how to make dealer success, supporting with financial, sales and training service.

  • Earth Auger

Excavator earth auger is also an highly welcommed mini excavator attachments. It is used for landscaping, well drilling, tree planting, coal sampling, foundation column drilling, deep pit wells for bridge columns, drilling deep holes for wind turbine columns, and drilling for post holes for utility poles,solar plant pile installation.

If your excavator equiped with earth auger, you can finish the job easily and quickly which you may be suprised on such a helpful tool.

  •  Compactor

Hydraulic compactor is used for compacting

  •  Thumb Bucket

Functional bucket for mini excavators

  •  Tree Cutter

Tree cutter is a general tool to cut the trees or  branches

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