Matters Needing Attention In Increasing The Impact Strength Of Large Breakers

Apr 20, 2020

The power source of the large breaker is the pressure oil provided by the pumping station of the excavator or loader, which can better clean the floating stones and the mud in the cracks of the rock during the excavation of the building foundation. Correct operation of Yantai breaker will help the crushing work to proceed quickly. When the operation is insufficient, the impact force will not be fully exerted. At the same time, the impact force of the hammer will rebound to the hammer body, the guard plate and the operating arm of the engineering machine itself, resulting in damage to the above parts. What should we do to improve the striking strength of Yantai Breaker? The following points should be noted.

1. Do not push heavy objects or large stones with a breaker

Do not use the guard plate as a tool to push heavy objects during work, so it will only cause the guard plate screws and drill rods to rupture and damage the hammer, and even cause the boom to break.

2. Avoid letting the large hammer break air strikes without target.

When the rock or the target has been crushed, please immediately stop the hammer’s striking action. Continuous impact without the target will only cause loosening and damage to the precursor and main body screws, and even damage the construction machinery.

3. Preparation before breaking

When the high-pressure or low-pressure hose of the breaker has excessive looseness, please stop the operation immediately and check and repair it immediately. At the same time, for the sake of caution, it should be checked at the same time whether there is any oil leakage in other places. The operator should strictly require the situation of the hit point at any time.

4. Pay attention to the operation direction of the large breaker

When running the crushing work, please make sure that the direction of the impact point of the drill rod is perpendicular to the surface of the crushed object, and keep it as much as possible at all times; if the surface with the crushed object is inclined, the drill rod may slip away from the surface, In this case, it will cause damage to the drill rod and affect the piston. When breaking, please select the appropriate hit point first. And after confirming that the drill rod is indeed stable, then strike.

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