Loader Side Dump Bucket

SWT wheel loader side dump bucket can dump at an angle of 45 degrees on both sides.
We design the bolt-on welding cutting egde avaiable for customer choose.

Product Application:

Wheel loader side dump bucket is for building levees, filling trnches , tunnel construction, etc.


SWT wheel loader side dump bucket can dump at an angle of 45 degrees on both sides.

We design the bolt-on welding cutting egde avaiable for customer choose.

Wheel Loader Side Dump Bucket: Everything You need To Know

Side dump buckets are the type of loaders you turn to when you need work done quicker and with more efficiency. Due to its versatility, wheel loaders such as the side dump bucket can be used on all types of construction projects. While size matters, the side dump bucket is built of versatility, speed, and fuel economy. Side dump like every other loader type are primed for facilitating levee building, filling trenches, loading, wall tearing, and so much more we will be covering within the article. With it’s heavy materials, and easy maneuverability, the wheel loader side dump bucket is best suitable to handle construction on tight corners such as tunnels or sites with less maneuvering space.

Side dump bucket Design

Like every other dump bucket, the side dump is made using solid steel materials to prevent wear, tear and rust. These materials also aid the machine in penetrating hard surfaces with ease and without sustaining damages. It’s reinforced steel makes it possible for it to be used on sand, gravel, loose dirt, and rock. The bucket is equipped with abrasive rock teeth materials, adapters, and casted segments with the ability to also use bolt-on edges.  Also, the bucket comes with a simple courier attachment that allows for easy installation by anyone familiar with courier machines and its components.

Bucket material density types

There are four essential styles of wheel loader which also comes with configurations such as Pin-on and coupler. While it’s easy to think bigger or heavier is always better, proper evaluation needs to be made before the decision of bucket type, size or weight is considered. Here are the various wheel loader types suitable for different purposes.

Light material: Light material buckets are what you make use for quick outputs on light materials such as corn, hay, and other light weight commodities. This increases speed, productivity, and overall output time due to the light buckets being properly matched with the right courier.

General purpose: Like its name states, general purpose buckets are suitable for a number of purposes and environment. It can be used to handle movement of light commodities as well as a few heavy lifting. However, it still isn’t suitable for heavy duty assignments such as moving rock debris or tearing down walls.

4-in-1: Thr 4-in-1 bucket is a multi purpose bucket which can be used to dig, load, carry, and dump materials. Its versatility is what makes it one of the best choices for complex projects. However, due to its diversity and functionality, it also packs a really good weight which decreases speed and output.

Rock bucket: Rock buckets are built to be used in the toughest of environments. They are sturdy and built for high performance in the hardest environments. These buckets can be used to dig, load, and move heavy debris around.


Loading: The side Wheel Loader dump bucket like its counterparts can be used for various forms of loading. This can range from loading different forms of debris such as rocks, soil, dirt, and more into carrier vehicles. However, the size of the wheel loader should also be put into consideration when performing loading.

Carrying: Moving items such as rocks, building and construction materials, woods,etc. Is one of the core functions of the side wheel loader. On road or tunnel constructions, due to its elegance, the side bucket is best suited to carrying heavy duty items from one spot to another.

Leveling: During road constructions, the wheel loader is also used for leveling. This is best for small sized roads or tunnels which provides no or little room for vehicle movement or maneuvering.

Filling: This is especially useful during road construction. The side bucket can be used to fill up spaces with difficulty being reached due to its maneuverability.

Demolition: This is perhaps the most easy selection on the list. Due to its heavily reinforced steel, the side dump bucket can also be used for demolition purposes. This can be road demolition or that of buildings.

Why opt for a side dump bucket

Maneuvering: Due to its sideways movement, the Wheel Loader side dump bucket engineers flexibility and maneuverability. This makes it suited for tight space construction. With only forward and backward movement availability, The side dump bucket can be used to accomplish more than any other wheel loader in less time, and with more precision and versatility.

Efficiency: Less maneuvering translates to faster cycle times. Less circle time means less fuel consumption and an increased project efficiency. With a side dump, you get more done in less time especially on a tight fit such as a tunnel.

Speed: While you still move at the pace of the courier, a side bucket can increase project completion time by ⅔%.

Benefits of a side dump bucket

While wheel loaders are pretty straight forward attachments, your choice of loader can have an effect on project up time and productivity. The side dump bucket perhaps offers some of the biggest advantages on a project, and we are here to discuss a few of them.

Boost project productivity: Due to its easy maneuverability, one of the benefits of the side dump bucket is that it boosts project productivity by getting things done in less time, and in close quarters. Unlike other wheel loaders, the Wheel Loader side dump bucket can achieve front and side jobs with minimal courier movement. With the right courier, and of cause handler, a side dump bucket can increase productivity time up to half

Reduce fuel cost: Less courier movement means less fuel consumption. This means if you are looking at fuel economy, the side dump bucket might be the right wheel loader for you. You get to dump or offload your debris at the spot you want them to be with minimal effort.


The wheel loader side dump bucket comes as a left sided dump by default. However, based on order request, you can have a right side dump bucket as well.

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