It is more efficient to eliminate the operation error of the breaker

Apr 19, 2020

As one of the common accessories in construction machinery and equipment, breakers have been widely used in mines, railways, highways and other work occasions. Mastering the correct usage method can not only improve work efficiency, but also greatly extend its service life and reduce the frequency of failures.

1. Maintain a 90 ° angle with the material during operation

During the crushing operation, it should be kept perpendicular to the material, and the drill rod should be pressed tightly against the crushed object. If the hammering direction is tilted, the steel braze easily slips off during the hammering operation, which may cause the steel braze and the piston to break or jam. Therefore, during the crushing operation, the breakdown point should be selected to ensure that the crusher and the material maintain a 90 ° angle during the operation.

2. Appropriate breakdown force should be used for crushing

Appropriate breakdown force should be used for crushing. If the breakdown force is insufficient, the hammering energy of the piston will not be able to effectively crush the stone, so the reaction force of the hammering force will be transmitted to the body and its carrier, thereby damaging these components. If the breakdown force is too large, the machine may suddenly tilt at the moment of the crushed stone, and the crushing hammer will hit the stone violently, which may cause damage. Therefore, during the operation, pay attention to its breakdown force.

3. During the crushing operation, hit for 30 seconds at one point

When the hydraulic hammer is in the crushing operation, do not hit continuously at the same point. When the target is hit continuously for more than 30 seconds without breaking the target, please change the selected point of the hit and try again. When breaking particularly hard objects, start at the edge. Continuous blows at the same fixed point will cause excessive wear of the drill rod and overheating of the hydraulic oil.

4. Do not use steel brazing as a pry bar

During the crushing operation, do not use moving / prying stones, as this will easily cause the broken hammer steel brace to break and damage the bracket. When the steel braze is inserted in the rock, the excavator must not walk or swing the arms!

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