Hydraulic hammer working tool is high temperature.

Do not touch the hydraulic hammer tool! The hydraulic hammer  working tool is with very high temperature after long time impacting jobs. Do not try to touch the tool with your hand unconscious. It is dangrous, and it will burn and hurt your hand fast. Next Tip: Sharpen the working tool by machine.

Underwater Hydraulic Hammer

Do not operate the hydraulic hammer under water – User Tips The normal type hydraulic hammer can not work in water without any protection. It will damage the hammer and allow water to enter to hammer hydraulic system. It will cause hydraulic hammer failure quickly. Underwater hydraulic hammer is especially designed for rock breaking projects …

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Don’t Hammering Long Time

Hydraulic hammer user tips. Do not hammer more than 30 seconds in the same location. Excessive hammering in the same location will overheat the hydraulic hammer tool causing the tool failure. And transfer the excessive heat through  the tool into the hydraulic hammer hydraulic system causing seal failure, overheating the hydraulic oil. The excessvie heating …

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