hydraulic breaker spare parts

Hydraulic breaker nitrogen gas charge kits

This charge kits including the pressure guage and the air hose.

It can be generally used for many popular brand hydraulic breakers like SWT, Soosan, Furukawa……

Some silent type hydraulic breakers may need extra extended air rod for easy gas filling.

Hydraulic breaker gas filling job is better to be finished by professional service mechanic according to the service manual book.

  • This charging kits is designed for gas charging or gas pressure test while you use a gas hydraulic breaker.
  • It can help to fill the nitrogen gas into the back head and indicates the existing gas pressure
  • It is a common type of nitrogen gas charging device, which can be used for hydraulic breaker from majority brands.
  • Conecter to is M10*1
  • Packed in a compact box,easy to keep and carry
  • Packing Dimension:14*13*8CM
  • The gas bottle and extended air rod are not included.

It should be easy after you watch this video. It is a general way of gas charging for many popular brands of hydraulic breakers over the world.

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