Hydraulic Rock Hammer For CAT 420 Backhoe Loader

The pressure supplied by the excavator, loader, or pump station powers the hydraulic rock hammer. It may boost work productivity by crushing stones and boulders more efficiently during engineering building. The principle of hydraulic rock hammer selection is to choose the best hydraulic rock hammer for the excavator type and operating conditions.

The backhoe loader hydraulic hammer has the following features:

1.Because the loader breaker combines crushing and loading functions, it is well suited to highway, municipal, house foundation demolition, and other engineering constructions, and it can carry out multi-directional and multi-requirement operations efficiently. It is especially suitable for secondary rock crushing and stone loading and unloading operations in mines.

2.Because the loader breaker is self-propelled, construction activities are more convenient.

3. This type of breaker has a tiny turning radius, flexible maneuverability, smooth and reliable movement, and is easy to operate in tight spaces.

4.The loader breaker has a high impact energy, low noise, low vibration, and a light weight. It has a large market since its inception.

5. The loader’s breaker hammer was designed to withstand the tough operating environment of rock smashing. The breaker hammer and the machine’s connecting sections are composed of high-strength materials and reinforced structures, resulting in exceptional dependability and durability. Can be utilized confidently.

China hydraulic breaker factory
China hydraulic breaker factory
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