Hydraulic Pulverizer

We’re well-known as one of the leading hydraulic pulverizer manufacturers and suppliers in China.

You can get different types pulverizers from us including: Hydraulic rotating concrete pulverizer, Fixed head concrete pulverizer,Single cylinder pulverizer for mini excavator, Double cylinger pulverizer for heavy excavator,Car dismantler, excavator hydraulic shear,Scrap metal shear,vehicle scrap shear……

Welcome to buy high quality hydraulic pulverizer for sale here from our factory.

SWT hydraulic pulverizer have following feactures:

  • Using high wear-resistant steel plate¬† for longer working life.
  • High-strength plate with a reasonable structure for light working weight on excavator.
  • The exquisite oil cylinder design ensure larger crushing force and high speed action.
  • Exchangable teeth and blades for economic cost
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