Hydraulic Pile Breaker

hydraulic pile breaker is a machine used in the construction industry to break and remove piles that are embedded deep in the ground. The foundation piles generally protrude from the ground by 1 to 2 meters, so that the steel bars remain intact on the ground, in order to better connect the foundation piles with the concrete structure on the ground.


                                       About hydraulic pile breaker

Power source: hydraulic system

Working principle: multiple hydraulic cylinders squeeze the pile body at the same time

Construction object: 500-2000mm pile

Construction method: full hydraulic pile breaker construction method

Modular design: each module has a separate cylinder and drill rod, and the cylinder drives the drill rod to achieve linear motion. Different diameters can work according to the increase or decrease of modules, and the hydraulic pipelines are connected in parallel, and multiple points of the same section are squeezed at the same time to realize the fracture of the pile at this section

                                  Advantages of using hydraulic pile breakers:

Efficiency: The most advanced hydraulic pile cutting technology to ensure high cutting efficiency and low noise.

Accuracy: Hydraulic pile breakers are very accurate and precise, ensuring that the pile is cut to the desired length and size.

Safety: Hydraulic pile breakers are safer than traditional methods of pile removal because

they eliminate the need for manual labor and reduce the risk of injury to workers.

Versatility: Hydraulic pile breakers can be used on a variety of pile types,

including square, round, and octagonal piles, as well as piles of different sizes and lengths.

Environmentally friendly: Hydraulic pile breakers are environmentally friendly

because they produce less dust, noise, and vibration than traditional methods.

Overall, hydraulic pile breakers are a reliable and efficient tool for breaking down large and long piles in construction projects, providing a range of benefits over traditional methods.

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