Excavator Hydraulic Horizontal Drum Cutter

Drum cutter is mounted on excavator with excavator hydraulic power, which can be used for asphalt pavement, walls, ditch. It can also equipe with trenches, diamond saw blades for sawing granite, etc.

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Excavator drum cutter is mounted on excavator with excavator hydraulic power. It can be used for asphalt pavement, walls, and ditches. It can also be equipped with trenches, diamond saw blades for sawing granite, etc.

It is also used for rock excavation, underground scaling, demolition, tunnel profiling, and other applications. They can be used up to 30 meters underwater without any additional installation and modification.

Product Features:

A)Excavator drum cutter has Low noise, low vibration, and environmental protection.

B)Safe construction, high efficiency, small particles excavated by milling, can be directly used as filler.

C)Flexible application, you can replace different milling cutters, groove milling cutters, rock saws, etc. according to the operating environment. Replacement is simple and convenient.

D)Excavator drum cutter is very Simple installation, economical maintenance, can effectively replace tools such as buckets, breakers, etc., which will bring you great fun and a strong sense of power for your construction in the new aera.

SWT attachments is the best excavator drum cutter manufacturers and hydraulic system suppliers in China. Our product’s features include:


· Low noise, low vibration, and environmental protection excavator drum cutter.

· Replacement is simple as you can easily replace different milling cutters, groove milling cutters, rock saws as per the operating environment.

· Safe construction

· High efficiency, small particles can easily be excavated by milling, and it can directly be used as filler.

· Installation is simple

· Maintenance is affordable



Drum cutter provides a full line of models that cover most sizes of excavator and other carriers. SWT drum cutters use robust sour gears driven by high-torque motors. Our rotary drum cutter’s picks on twin drums will penetrate and remove materials through a combination of crushing and cutting action.

The maximum cutting performance and minimum vibration are ensured by the optimum number of picks and their arrangement.



· To prevent hot water recovery, the hole under the thermostat holder must be plugged with a cork.

· Single parts are mostly blocked, so check if the piping is caused by internal flaking.

· The highest oil temperature in the oil tank should not exceed 90 degrees.

· For the maintenance of hydraulic pumps, the plunger and cylinder should be marked after disassembly, and the disassembly sequence should be followed during reassembly to avoid excessive internal leakage.

· When the pump’s motor and gear are separated, mark the meshing point of the single gear and meshing point of the shaft and the gear’s inner tooth before disassembly. It will ensure that the gear is assembled according to the meshing mark and prevent new meshing noise.




· Before buying a drum cutter, always check that the internal drive system, chain transmission, gear transmission system is more stable and durable than the chain.

· You must pay attention to the equipment’s amplitude because if the amplitude is too large, the impact force may lead to the loosening of bolts on the equipment.

· You must check the sealing ring because a good sealing ring is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, helping the drum cutter work better in harsh environments.

· The arrangement of wear resistance will directly affect the drum cutter’s efficiency as the regular spiral shape can make the drum cutter work easily.


We Sanha Machinery Tech are the best excavator drum cutter manufacturers in China, providing all the special requirements for the drum cutter.



· Drum cutters can be applied to the tunnel, ditch, and municipal pipeline excavation. Our drum cutter can dig reinforced milling or have a small amount of reinforced concrete using milling drivers installed on 300 tons of drivers who can easily dig with milling under 30 mm diameter reinforced concrete.


· It can also be used underwater without modification at depths of up to 30 meters.

· It allows for accurate and precise work, even in worst conditions like underground scaling and frozen ground.

· It can realize the double function of the hydraulic clamp and hydraulic hammer because it can mill the steel bar in the building simultaneously.

· It can mill and cut up to 80-120 tons per hour.

· It can be a good substitute for blasting construction and also protects the environment.

· It is very effective in following mining operations such as rock with low hardness, rock with weathered structure, rock with high hardness but layered structure.

· It can effectively remove all the construction obstacles such as reinforced concrete, rocks, frozen soil, hard soil, and roots.



· The cutting part of the drum cutter is the most important, so you have to wisely choose the milling and cutting part of the drum cutter.

· KC50 tungsten alloy material is generally used for the cutter teeth with a hardness of around 90 HRC and a blending strength of 3000n/mm2. The knife body is made of 42Crmo wear-resistant material.

· The hardness of heat treatment is between 42-44 HRC.

· The hardness should not be too high because too high hardness will easily cause a fracture.

· You should always keep an extra set of teeth with you because the drum cutter’s attachment is a consumable part.



· Vibration ram: It is also known as hydraulic ram or rammer. The individual small excavators with ram are used to build foundation compaction. It improves efficiency and saves the construction cost to achieve the effect of artificial unbridgeability.

· Crushing hammer: It is also known as a hydraulic breaker. It is used for removing concrete and mining ore.

· Scarifier: It is also known as crack earthenware. It is used for fossil wind construction. If the excavator is thick and has more wear-resistant manganese steel, the welding process is more significant.

· Hydraulic shears: It is also known as hydraulic pliers. It is used in building demolition. Its efficiency is much higher than a broken hammer. If you have more demolished conditions, it is worth buying; otherwise, you can use any cheap hammer.

· Milling machine: It is used in tunnel excavation and open-pit coal mine opening.

· Hydraulic auger: It is used to construct the hole of the wire rod of the tree pit. It can be divided into an integral machine and excavator modification as per the size of an excavator.



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Excavator Drum Cutter Specifications:

Model Excavator Weight Working FLow Rotate Speed Working Pressure Cutting Force Power Width Diameter Length
(Ton) (Kg) (L/Min) (RPM) (Bar) (KN) (KW) (M) (M) (M)
SF 5RW 2~7 310 30~65 75~163 220~320 8~11 25 0.65 0.39 0.48
SF 10RW 7~16 410 50~110 67~147 220~320 13~19 35 0.75 0.44 0.58
SF 15RW 12~18 780 75~130 59~103 220~320 19~27 50 0.84 0.48 0.7
SF 20RW 18~30 1350 150~320 53~114 220~320 31~45 90 1.08 0.65 0.84
SF 30RW 22~38 1650 180~400 43~95 220~350 44~70 120 1.2 0.7 0.84
SF 40RW 35~65 2150 225~510 38~85 220~350 55~84 165 1.35 0.8 1
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