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Hydraulic Breaker Tool

Hydraulic breaker tool is a wearing part which consumes quickly. Different type tools have different functions for different working objects.It often has moil tool,chisel tool, blunt tool, foot tool…SWT original tools are made from quality raw material with longer working life, which is 3 times life longer than other brands.

What is a hydraulic breaker tool bit.

The tool is one of the main wearing parts for hydraulic breaker. While the breaker working, the hydraulic power is delivery to the tool to impact and break the objects.The tool touchs and impacts the work objects directly and all the time while working. That is why the hydraulic hammer tools consume and need to be replaced quickly for high breaking efficiency.

Choose the right type tool bit for your hydraulic hammer  will make the job working high effiency, and it won’t have the extra lost on the broken tools causeed by choosing wrong tools

Hydraulci breaker tool bit

Features of SWT hydraulic breaker demolition tool.

Except the excavator attachments, SWT is also manufacturing many spare parts for attachments. The hydraulic breaker tool is also a popular sale part by their dealer. It has strict request on raw material and producing , heat treatmnt for SWT brand tools to make sure qulity parts. According to SWT dealers, SWT tools are 3 times longer working life than some other normal manufactured tools.

a. SWT hydraulic breaker demolition tools are always choose the raw material from top 3 steel manufacturers which they have cooperated many years.

b. Advanced heat treatment devices to make sure the tools heat treatment is average and time guaranteed for well penetration.

c. All the swt hydraulic hammer tools are indentified by stamped code on the tool body for quality tracking.

Hammer Tools

rock breaker tool bits

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How to choose the right tool bits for your hydraulic hammer.

It has kinds of tool types for different construction jobs. Choose the right type hydraulic breaker tools will make your job easy. We list the different type tools for different jobs for your refer.

Hydraulic breaker conical point tool

Hydraulic breaker conical point tool

This type tool allows the breaking dust and small rocks can escape from all side, so it is more penetrative.


  • Soft material
  • Stone/rocks in quarry
  • Concrete structures and blocks
  • Road, high way construction
  • other general demolition jobs

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Hydraulic breaker moil tool

Hydraulic hammer moil point tool

This moil point tool is mostly same as above listed concial point type tool.But the manufacturing cost is a little bit lower for moil point tool.SWT company use type as their standard hydraulic hammer tool bits.


  • Soft material
  • Stone/rocks in quarry
  • Concrete structures and blocks
  • Road, high way construction
  • other general demolition jobs

Wedge chisel tool

Rock breaker wedge chisel tool

Wedge type chisel tool is a commonly used tool for demolition projects. Except impacting power, it can also split the objects like a chisel. NPK use this type tools as its standard for their hydraulic breakers.


  • Using this wedge chisel, the breakage job can be controlled for concrete face
  • It can breaking the rocks layer by layer to oversize rocks or layers rock blocks
  • Somewhere it can be used to cut casting or thin steels
  • Other generaly demolition jobs

hydraulcic breaker blunt tool

Hydraulic breaker blunt tool (Flat end Tool)

With large and flat surface of the tool end, it is stable while breaking. It is very useful to thin concrete slab with bigger breaking coverage.


  • thin and fragile concrete slab breaking
  • oversize objects breaking
  • clean the slags in mine project

Some other type rock breaker tool bits with special function

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What is the price of Hydraulic breaker chisel tool for sale

Hydraulic breaker tool is a commonly used wearing parts. The rock breaker chisel price is depending on the tool diameter and length. Surely if the hydraulic breaker chisels manufacturer make the tool from very good quality materials and with advanced heat treatment, the value of the tool will be higher accordingly. SWT brand tools are higher value with resistant wearing materail for longer working life. It is an OEM supplier for many big brand good quality hydraulic breaker tools.

Other brand hydraulic hammer tools introduction:

  1. Atlas copco working tools are designed , tested and only used on Atlas hydraulic breakers. It can work on the toughest jobs with the most complex applications.
  2. NPK tools are made from good quality materials, the tools are reliable same as their hydraulic breakers.
  3. SWT hydraulic hammer tools use high resistant wearing material for longer working life. Except OEM for many big brand breaker working tools. It also get very reliable reputaion for aftermarket hydraulic breaker tools.
  4. Rammer hydraulic hammer tools bit provide excellent value, long life and maximum performance. Each tool has been designed with application characteristics in mind.
  5. Furukawa is a leader japanese manufacturer in hydraulic and pneumatic rock breaker and drills. It has many different types hydraulic breaker rod for users choose.
  6. Other japan brand Toyo, Toku, Teisuku, Komatsu JTHB hydraulic breakers amd working tools are also very reliable quality.
  7. Soosan is popular hydraulic breaker brand from Karea, who also developed kinds of breaker rods for user, including soosan high quality core rods.
  8. Other korean brands, such as Daemo hydraulic breaker tools, MSB, Komac,D&A,Rhino,Everdigm,AJCE are all popular by users.Contact us to check more other brand tools for sale:

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Material about hydraulic breaker tools.

Manufacturing of hydraulic hammer tools.

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Warranty term for  hydralic hammer tools.

Tools for different brands hydraulic breakers.

Package of hydraulic breaker tools

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