Hydraulic breaker nitrogen gas charging kits

Mar 28, 2021

While you get a new breaker , you may find out the hydraulic breaker working princple. You should know your breaker is full hydraulic driving type or combine with pneumatic power for bigger power.

If it is pneumatic on the back head, you should know how to fill the gas to the back head or accumulator.  As we know, the gas is nitrogen, which is a very steady gas in the nature.But high pressure gas may also hurt you if it is not well operated.

Following tips are for your attention:

(1). Read the manual book which often come together with the new hydraulic breaker.

(2). Find out if the breaker is pneumatic & hydraulic drived and figure out the gas charge valve on the breaker.

(3). Most of the breaker has lower gas pressure on the back head and higher gas pressure on accumulator.

(4). Find out the requested gas pressure for above devices from the manual book.

For example, our SWT hydraulic breaker , the lower pressure in the back head is around 16 Bar,  and the higher pressure in the accumulator is around 55Bar. The gas pressure could be modified according to the working site temperature which listed in the manual book

(5). After find out the requested setting pressure, you can connect the pressure gauge to measure the pressure and adjust the pressure accoringly.

(6). Please refer the connect way in the following pictures for the hydraulic breaker gas charging valve, gas pressure guage, and the nitrogen gas bottle.

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