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May 25, 2021

1. How to be one of dealers for SWT excavator attachments products.

SWT attachments have been serving users with its strong global distribution network through global dealers.  Please check the following steps to contact us for dealership enquires.

a. Search the internet or contact our sales team to check if there are any local dealers for SWT excavator attachments in your area.

b. Write to us with your company information including the name, contact number as well as the location.

c. Please describe more information about you or your company´s experience on excavators or excavators attachments.

d. After receiving your information, a sales assistant will delivery your application to our marketing department for an evaluation.

e. The marketing department will check the existing dealerships near you and. If it’s not in conflict, a dealership package plan will be offered according to your local market.

f. If the package plan is acceptable to you, then the dealership contract and authorized documents will be made for you to be one of ours certified dealers.

hydraulic breaker for sale


2. What support you will get after being SWT attachments dealers in your area.

SWT has worked out a comprehensive support package to grow together with our global dealers. If you are an authorized dealer, you can get various support according to your sales requests.

a. Demo machine support

For authorized dealers, if they think it is necessary to get a free demo machine for marketing, the application could be negotiated accordingly in the dealership package plan together. At this moment, the demo machine is limited only for hydraulic breakers. The demo machine could be applied on a discounted price with 6 months financing.

b. Service training support

After Sales Service is necessary to machines for our branded products. SWT is always trying to delivery their products, sales and service concept to users by after sales services. We worked out effective service term to dealers. Professional engineer will be sent to SWT global dealers regularly to train the dealers’ service mechanics and to do demo service on user’s work site. Dealers can also send their mechanics to SWT factory for product learning and service training.

c. Financial support

To the authorized dealer who has been in business with SWT more than 3 years, can apply for a 3-4 months financing. The longest financing terms shall be 6 months.

d. Marketing support

Dealer can apply for funds from SWT for dealer’s area marketing fees, online advertisement investment, advertisement billboard for workshop, free gift for users….

e. Price support and protection

We offer competitive excavator attachments price to dealers directly. The selling price is protected under SWT brand.

Hydraulic breaker dealer

3. What is the main products for dealership.

Hydraulic breaker is the most popular sale excavator attachments among SWT products. It is also the most popular requested attachments for excavators with large sales quantity. Generally speaking, the dealership will start from hydraulic breaker products, then expand to other attachments gradually.

hydraulic breaker for sale

4. What should you do after being the area dealers for SWT excavator attachments.

If you have been an authorized dealer for SWT brand and its products in your area, which means you are the representative of SWT on your local market.

The dealer can use the trade-marks owned by SWT for the sale of the hydraulic hammer and other excavator attachments covered herein within the validity of this agreement, and shall acknowledge that all patents, trademarks, copy rights or any other industrial property rights used or embodied in the products shall remain to be the sole properties of SWT. If any infringement be found, the dealer should promptly notify and assist Party A to take steps to protect the latter’s rights.

5. What we can do to protect your dealership in your area.

SWT team can not do any sales for the products referred in the agreement of the dealership bypassing the dealer.  If any request or any enquiry from SWT dealer’s area, it should be notified or quoted from the authorized dealers to protect the dealer’s profits. To some big projects, if the projects procurement is strict to purchase from factory directly, it could be negotiated among the three parties accordingly.

6.Who will be responsible on sales-after-service.

The authorized dealer should take responsibility on all after sales service, including user’s calling service or maintenance request. The factory should offer the support on some fatal quality problem or some technical issue, which the dealer’s mechanic can not solve.

Excavator attachments dealer

7.Warranty term of SWT attachments to users.

SWT offer 12 months quality warranty on all their excavator attachments for the key components. The warranty is effective beginning from the installation report sent by dealers.

8.How we can get the warranty parts for the quality complainted cases.

Although SWT excavator attachments products are under reliable quality, there is no 100% perfect products especially for heavy machines. While the dealer place the normal orders, we will advise to order some excavator attachments wearing parts or easy broken parts together, so the complained parts could be replaced immediately with the parts in the stock. It is also saving the extra freight for the urgent needed parts. Some warranty complained parts could be send together in the next dealer’s order.

hydraulic breaker for sale

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