Wood grapple, mounted on excavtors can be used for wood, scrap and boulder handling, transportation jobs etc with different grab fingers.

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Choosing the right mounted wood grapple for your excavator entirely depends on two important factors. One of them is the type of work that you’ll be doing with the excavator wood grapple and the other one is the capacity of the excavator that makes sure that the wood grapple works properly with the machine and there is coordination between the two. If you keep these two points in mind you’ll be able to select the right wood grapple that’ll make your work even more easier and convenient. SWT is a leading wood grapple manufacturer in China.

SWT Wood Grapple Exvavator Working Video

What you want from your machine is that it should work according to its full utility. You don’t want that the attachment should be too small or too big for your excavator. It should be selected with such requirements that it makes the machine work according to its capacity and that too easily. Your objective in mind should be that your machine and wood grapple should work as a unit and give maximum output to carry out different processes altogether. The biggest advantage of buying equipment directly from the manufacturer is that the installation process will be much easier as you don’t need to put some extra brackets to equip the attachments.


Excavator wood grapple is mostly used for wood, stone, rock, timber, and some sorts of loading, moving, and organizing. They should be such that they offer maximum flexibility and comfort to the drivers whenever they are using this attachment as a part of their work. SWT is one of the foremost manufacturer of wood grapple for excavators that works on very powerful and efficient motors. What we want from our wood grapple for excavators is that it offers us quality output and increased productivity.


· It can be used when loading.

· It can be used for unloading.

· They can carry short wood loads.

· They are used for lifting stone as well as timber.

· They are used for movement and organizing.

· They are used to handle material in the recycling industry.

· They are used by logging trucks.

· They are also used to pick wood waste.

· They are used to separate and sort materials.

· Widely used in forestry applications.

· Pick and place materials for different sizes.

Wood grapple for excavators should be such that it should withstand the harshest conditions that they have been subjected to and come out too as victorious in handling tasks with utmost superiority and performance. The structure and design of the wood grapple should be such that it takes over all the strains and exertions it has been subjected to. They have been specifically designed in a way that ensures that there is minimal load loss, a wide amount of jaw opening, and increases the existing productivity. The wood grapple for excavators should be such that it has sturdiness and durability to perform tasks more finely.



The wood grapple that you choose for your excavator should be such that it matches all your requirements. As the technology has paved way for a lot of dimensions the one wood grapple for your excavator that you choose should be such that it gives you the maximum benefits. You should critically examine the pressure of your machine so that you can evaluate the performance of your machine much better. Whatever attachment we choose we should keep in mind that it should not have a bad impact on our machinery. It should rather complement our machinery even more and it should make it work faster. The type of wood grapple that you choose for your business is entirely up to you as what you want- something fixed or something swinging. Each of them has its own pros and cons.


SWT uses the highest quality components to manufacture its excavator wood grapple.

· The tips of the wood grapple are at optimal angles.

· The wood grapple jaws are more balanced.

· The frame is designed to be more symmetric.

· The jaws are wider which helps in alignment.

· Made with modern manufacturing technology.

· High quality and rust-resistant steel are used.

· Easy to maintain as quick greasing as possible.

This wood grapple can also be customized according to your work needs as you can adjust the speed and do the kind of work that you want to do. The main motive is to have a machine that decreases fuel consumption and does the work faster than before.


1. Cutting

2. Polishing

3. Welding

4. Assembling

5. Painting

6. Testing

7. Delivery

8. Using



· Painting the surface.

· 360-degree rotator.

· A-grade welding.

· Producing the no. on the product.

· High-quality cylinder.

· The logo design.


SWT manufactures the best equipment in China and that too in a wide range of designs. They can also be easily customized according to your requirements. we keep all your business information confidential with us and the after-sales services offered by us are also worth mentioning. Each attachment will be tried and tested before delivery to ensure that there is no issue from our end at any cost. We will keep all your requirements in our mind before manufacturing a product. We are a trusted wood grapple manufacturer and you can trust us with our services.


With the continuous upgrading of the company’s research and the expansion of business scope, our company has gradually realized the transformation to a professional Crawler Excavators for Sale with 360 Degree Wood Grapple Hengte Ht150-7 supplier. We are ready to reply you within 24 hours after receipt of your request and to create mutual un-limited benefits and business in near future. Under the constantly changing conditions of the new economy, creating an innovative learning team is the fundamental weapon for an enterprise to succeed in the market.

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