How To Solve The Serious Wear Of Sand Hammer

Apr 01, 2020

Sand making machine is a widely used machine in the market, which has played a decisive role in the production line. And its equipment needs to be regularly maintained and maintained, thereby extending the use time of the equipment and improving production efficiency. So, how to solve the serious abrasion of sand making machine hammer? The following is a brief analysis of the editor of Wo Li Machinery.

1. The linear speed, which directly affects the impact force of the hammer of the sand making machine on the material and the size of the crushing ratio, will play a decisive role in the product particle size. In addition, excessive linear velocity will lead to increased damage to the hammer. This is also the case when the linear velocity is high, the material cannot enter the impact zone and is caused by severe wear at the end of the hammer.

2. The processing capacity of the sand making machine has a certain influence on the abrasion of the hammer. When the processing capacity is increased, the particle size of the product will become coarse, the crushing ratio will decrease, and the wear of the hammer will also decrease. Therefore, changing the size of the discharge gap will also affect the thickness of the product size to a certain extent.

3. The influence of the material of the sand making machine on the abrasion of the hammer, in which the nature of the material, the size of the feed particle size and the water content, etc., will affect the nature of the material. Therefore, corresponding to different crushed materials, the unit wear of the hammer differs greatly.

4. The wear of the sand making machine includes the hammer, the counter lining, the guard plate of the rotor body, etc. Among them, the wear failure time of the hammer is the shortest, and the wear cost is higher. Therefore, reducing the abrasion of the hammer is the key factor to solve the wear of the sand making machine.

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