How To Protect The Hydraulic Pump When The Large Breaker Works

Apr 05, 2020

The working form of the breaker is to perform a reciprocating and rapid impact movement in the hydraulic system, and this type of large equipment returns oil quickly and has a relatively large pulse. This will also make the aging speed of the hydraulic pump faster, so it is necessary to correct the large Breakers and hydraulic pumps are used for maintenance. Let’s take a look at our commonly used methods.

Crusher 1. Use good quality hammer with accumulator. Inferior broken hammer is prone to problems due to design, manufacturing, inspection and other links. The high failure rate during use is more likely to cause damage to the excavator.

2. The hammer should preheat the hydraulic system before use. When the hammer is parked, the upper part of the hydraulic oil will flow to the lower part. It is recommended to operate with a small throttle every day at the beginning of the use, etc. After the oil film is formed, the medium throttle is used for operation to protect the hydraulic system of the excavator.

3. Air blow will not only cause the oil temperature to rise, but also produce abnormal vibrations that cause impurities to enter the body of the hammer, so air blow is strictly prohibited.

4. Be sure to replenish the lubricating grease when the steel brazing is straight, and refill every 2 hours. If the lubricating grease is replenished in the state where the steel braze is suspended, the grease will enter the striking chamber, and abnormally high-pressure oil generated in the striking chamber during the striking will enter the hydraulic system and damage the hydraulic pump.

5. When storing large crushing hammers for a long time, you should first remove the steel braze, release the nitrogen in the upper cylinder to push the piston to the end, to avoid the rust of the piston exposed or the rough hair damage the main pump.

6. Since the pollution of hydraulic oil is one of the main reasons for the failure of hydraulic pumps, the pollution status of hydraulic oil should be confirmed in time. The lack of hydraulic oil will cause cavitation and cause the failure of the hydraulic pump and the broken piston cylinder of the hammer. The editor here recommends that you check the oil level before use every day.

7. The oil seal is a wearing part. It is recommended to replace the hammer oil seal once when the hammer works for 600 to 800 hours. When the oil seal leaks, it must stop working immediately. Replace the oil seal. If the side dust is easy to enter the hydraulic system, damage the hydraulic system. Damage to the hydraulic pump.

8. When installing the breaker pipe, it must be thoroughly cleaned, and the inlet and return oil circuits are circulated and docked. When replacing the bucket, the breaker pipe must be blocked to keep the pipe clean, because sand and other debris enter the hydraulic system easily Injury to hydraulic pump.

9. Appropriate engine speed, due to the low working pressure and flow requirements of large breakers, the medium throttle can work; if the work of the large throttle will not only increase the striking force, it will also cause the hydraulic oil to heat up abnormally, and it will also harm the hydraulic system. Larger.

10. The breaker for demolition is more frequently damaged than the hammer used in mines. The main pump is damaged more frequently. Since dust easily enters the body of the breaker hammer along the steel braze, it leads to pollution and rapid aging of hydraulic oil. It is recommended to return oil Lujia installs the oil filter.

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