How To Protect Hydraulic Pump When Excavator Is Equipped With Breaker

Apr 17, 2020

Because the large hammer is a reciprocating rapid impact movement, the speed of oil return is fast and the relative pulse is relatively large, which causes the speed of the aging of hydraulic oil. Service life. The following small series will introduce how to protect the hydraulic pump when the excavator is equipped with a breaker.

1. Use high-quality breaker (with accumulator)

Analysis: Inferior broken hammers are prone to problems due to design, manufacturing, inspection and other links. The high failure rate during use is more likely to cause damage to the excavator;

2. Appropriate engine speed (medium throttle)

Analysis: Due to the low working pressure and flow requirements of large breakers (such as 20-ton excavator, working pressure 160-180KG, flow 140-180L / MIN), medium throttle can work; if the work of large throttle will not only increase The striking force will also cause abnormal heating of hydraulic oil, which will also cause greater damage to the hydraulic system;

3. Correct buttering posture, frequency and quantity

Be sure to replenish the lubricating grease when the steel brazing is straight, and refill every 2 hours

Analysis: If the lubricating grease is added in the suspended state of the steel braze, the grease will enter the blow chamber, and the abnormal high pressure oil generated in the blow chamber during the blow will enter the hydraulic system and damage the hydraulic pump;

Analysis: Because the hydraulic oil in the upper part will flow to the lower part when the breaker is parked, it is recommended to operate with a small throttle every day at the beginning of use. After the oil film of the hammer piston cylinder is formed, use a medium throttle for operation. Can protect the hydraulic system of the excavator.


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