How to extend the life of a large breaker

Apr 11, 2020

As one of the common accessory parts in construction machinery, large breakers have been widely used in mines, railways, highways, municipalities and other work places. With the continuous increase of application, we should all find that the life of the breaker is declining, then we know how to extend the life? Let’s explain to us in detail below.

1. The physical properties and accompanying properties of minerals (abrasiveness to metal, soil content, moisture, viscoplasticity, compressive strength, etc.); this is an objective existence, congenital, we need to have it in advance Understanding.

2. The rationality of the internal structure of the large breaker.

3. The correctness and manufacturing quality of large hammer head material selection.

4. Operation method of large breaker. When running the crushing work, please admit that the direction of the impact point of the drill rod is perpendicular to the appearance of the crushed object, and insist as much as possible at all times; if the appearance with the crushed object is skewed, the drill rod may slip away from the surface, In this case, it will cause damage to the drill rod and affect the piston. When breaking, please select the appropriate impact point first. And admit that the drill rod is indeed stable before impact.

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