How to ensure the construction efficiency of breaker

Apr 12, 2020

With the development of society, the use of breakers has also received more and more attention. Today’s breaker-related products have become one of the main mechanical equipment and facilities that are indispensable for construction. Correct operation can improve work efficiency and extend its service life. Next, I will give you a detailed explanation on how to ensure the efficiency of construction.

1. Check the tightness of the side bolts, connecting bolts and nuts of the crusher daily, because the crusher will produce a lot of vibration during the work, the bolt and nut are easy to loosen, if not tightened in time, it will cause the crusher damage.

2. It is strictly forbidden to work in water or mud. With the exception of the drill rod, the sheath above the front of the breaker should not be flooded in water or mud.

3. When the high-pressure or low-pressure hose is excessively loose, please stop the operation immediately and check and repair it immediately. At the same time, for the sake of caution, it should be checked at the same time whether there is any oil leakage in other places. The operator should strictly require the situation of the hit point at any time.

4. Do nt use the guard plate as a tool to push heavy objects during work, so it will only cause the guard plate screws and drill rods to rupture and damage the hammer, and even cause the boom to break.

5. Because the hydraulic oil in the upper part will flow to the lower part when parked, it is recommended to operate with a small throttle every day at the beginning of use. After the oil film of the piston cylinder is formed, use the medium throttle to operate, which can protect the excavator Hydraulic system.

6. Regularly perform correct grease lubrication.

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