How to enlarge the excavators and parts sales.

Apr 01, 2021
To excavator dealers: How to enlarge the excavators and parts sales.

As a brand excavator dealer locally, the company owner, the sales manager, and parts manager , are always thinking to enlarge the excavator and parts sales amount every day and every month, so the comapny anual sales report looks nice by  end of the year. Most of the persons are always focusing on the excavator itself, like the excavator reliable quality, warranty, eye catched technology, advance sales and parts system.

But do you believe a special function excavator attachment can achieve the excavator sales agreement quickly?

Excavator attachmetns

If you are a dealer for excavators, whatever it is CAT, Komatsu, Case,Hitachi….. we always advise you to deal an excavator attachments brand too. Following are the reasons we collected throuhg many years exprience.

(1). Different projects need different excavator working devices, if you can meet customer’s projects requested equipments immediately, you will be the winner.

For example If you are talking a building demolition project with some contractor, your excavator will be more loved by the contractor, if it has already equiped with demolition crusher together, or at least you have the demolition crusher in stock for customers choose or you can prepare the equipemts sales package very quickly with your excavator attachments brand supplier.

(2). If you are the dealer both of excavators and attachments, you will have more price buffer in hand to offer the customer  a better package price plan than your competitor who sell only excavators or just get the attachments from local dealers as a reseller. The worst condition is that it has zero profit on the excavator attachments, but you sell out  excavators and enlarge your sales amount more than an excavator. Is it right to you?

SWT Excavator Attachments

(3). Most of excavator dealers have separate parts department for parts sales, but the parts sales are always not satisfied by the boss.  Do you know what is the reason?
Now, most of popular brands excavators have reliable quality. In the first 3 or more years , it has nothing parts request at all except the wearing parts  such as bucket teeth, filters,undercarriage parts, hydraulic oil which are lower value. And most of customers will buy aftermarket parts on the parts market which is economic cost to them instead of the original brand excavator parts buying from original brand dealers.

But it will be different immediately if you plan the excavator attachments sales for your parts department on the begining. The value of a hydraulic hammer, or demolition crusher or  concrete pulverizer, is much higher than above mentioned excavator wearing parts. The value of one eacavator attachment is possible equal to the wearing parts 3 years consume amount. And it often happen immediately at one time while you sell the excavators to customers.

other excavator attachments

(4).To a fresh salesman, It is hard to sell a big value heavy equipment. If it take too long time to achieve the new sales, the salesman will be negative gradually.The salesman will leave the comany disappointed, and to the company , it will also lose money and time investment on the human resouce.

Bring the excavators attachments in your products range and train your salesman more competitive with attachments knowledge.He will have more topics to delivery more information to the customers.It will be easier to achieve new sales on parts than selling a big value excavators. And the most important, if your salesman can achieve the sales in a short time, he will be comfident on himself and drive stronger execution on sales perfomance. So why not?

(5). Excavator attachments also have wearing parts comsuming plan. Take the hydraulic hammer as an example, while you visit some big quarry, you can see there are too many worn out hydraulic hammer tools which stack in the yard like a small mountain. The hammer tools are more valueable than the bucket teeth, filters or oil. You can ask yourself,  whether you can get sales of these hammer tools if the customer bought the hammer from you on the beginning.

(6). Sales Promotion, buy one free one, why not? Buy one excavator with a free hammer together, you are competitive, same as the reason (2) mentioned above, but it can catch the buyers’ eyes easily on the first glance.

excavator attachments for sale

Above listed reasons are gained from our long years exprience on excavator attachments maketing.We are a professional attachments supplier with long year exprience. Our SWT brand attachments have been export to many countries through our global dealers. We alway study and train our dealers for a successful sales on attachments and grow up together.

If you are interested to be one of our dealer in your local area, please feel free to contact us for more discussion. You can also write reviews and share our article public.

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